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TikTok's Self-Serve Advertising Product is now Available Globally

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TikTok‘s meteoric rise in the last two years is partly due to the young people leaving Facebook for other apps.

However, the adoption of the social media platform has now spread to the over 25-age group. What’s more, 37 percent of TikTok adult users in the United States earn an average household income of $100,000.

Unfortunately, testing a simple ad on the video-sharing platform wasn’t easy. It required access to a rep, as well as commitment via an insertion order (IO). It could also help if your self-serve product is on the whitelist.

In other words, the TikTok ad offering was available at the company’s discretion. But that seems to have changed.

Yesterday, TikTok announced that it’s rolling out its self-serve advertising platform globally.

In a blog post announcement, Vice President, Global Business Solutions at TikTok, Blake Chandlee said:

“We’re excited to continue supporting our community by providing the tools and resources for SMB owners to navigate these challenging times.”

Here’s what you should know.

TikTok’s Self-Serve Advertising Product

The platform has introduced new tools as well as performance features that’ll favor small businesses. What’s more, activating at scale on TikTok is now easier than ever before.

According to TikTok, some product highlights include:

  • Creative tools
  • Flexible budget
  • Performance targeting

TikTok is also introducing business accounts with customizable tools to a brand’s needs, whether it’s performance analysis or engagement.

We’ve met our return on advertising spend goals within days whereas on other platforms it’s taken months,” said Isaac Gad, CEO of independent jewellery brand, Slate and Tell.

“We’re excited about experimenting with creatives and growing on the platform.”

Aside from the self-serving advertising tools, TikTok also announced a “back to business ads credit.” The platform will be giving $100 million in advertising credits to small businesses to help during the pandemic.

Small businesses can apply for the credit at the Back-to-Business website.

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