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Top Tech Companies With the Most Followers on Instagram you can Learn From

x9626 | Shutterstock

x9626 | Shutterstock

Have you ever wondered which tech companies today have the most followers on Instagram? If yes, you’re definitely on the right page!

While many believe that Instagram has always been exclusive to companies in visually inclined industries, it’s not really the case. In fact, many tech companies today have the most followers on Instagram.

To date, Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users. With that figure, the image sharing site is now considered the second largest social media network next to Facebook.

Instagram has provided people from different walks of life and profession a platform to showcase their skills in photography and visual arts. However, its high following has also caught the attention of many companies and businesses.

These companies managed to build their following in their own way, and you’ll be surprised to learn that many of them are from the tech industry. If you’re having some troubles setting up or managing your Instagram business account, here’s a list of the most followed tech companies on the platform to inspire you.

IBM (@ibm)

With over 200 thousand followers, IBM is definitely one of the companies with the most followers on Instagram. If you believe that people are only interested in pictures of flowers, animals, and food, you’re dead wrong.

IBM gained traction by sharing pictures and short clips of its data centers, quantum computers, latest innovations, and collaborations with other companies. If you want to have a quick glimpse of what the future of computing would look like, you definitely need to visit IBM’s Instagram account.

Adobe (@adobe)

If you’re after stunning visual arts and photographs, Adobe has it all for you. However, this should not really come as a surprise since the company owns Adobe Creative Cloud, the cloud-based photo editing and storage service popular among graphic designers and photographers.

By featuring photographs and digital images submitted by their Creative Cloud users, the company has managed to gather over 600 thousand followers. People can also enjoy short visual clips showcasing the company’s different photo editing services.

By taking advantage of the company’s user base and services, Adobe managed to become one of the most followed companies on Instagram.

Cisco (@cisco)

The California-based multinational tech company, Cisco, is also one of the companies with the most followers on Instagram. By posting pictures of its employees enjoying life and its latest innovations together with inspiring videos about keeping the world connected, Cisco is able to gain over 140 thousand followers on Instagram.

Just take a look at the Instagram story below viewed over five thousand times by the company’s followers. This alone would make you follow them!

Squarespace (@squarespace)

Squarespace, one of the most popular website builders today, also made it to the list. And, why not? The site is often a platform for videographers and photographers to exhibit their work.

Come to think of it, Squarespace and Instagram are actually a perfect match. Through Instagram, Squarespace is able to showcase some of its top bloggers’ artful imagery. That includes stunning photos of landscapes, skyscrapers, half-eaten pizzas, and just about everything.

To date, Squarespace has around 114 thousand followers, making the company one of the most followed on the image sharing site.

Dell (@dell)

Another tech company with the most followers on Instagram is Dell. With over 400 thousand followers, you might be wondering how this tech solutions company amassed such a huge following.

Apparently, Dell managed to attract the attention of people by posting images and videos of its products in action. A quick visit to the company’s Instagram account will also show you how they use the platform to spread awareness about their initiatives — one of which includes their e-waste program.

HP (@hp)

Now, if you’re already impressed with the first few companies on our list, brace yourself because now we will be mentioning companies with millions of Instagram followers. For starters, let’s begin with HP.

Yes, Hewlett-Packard has over a million followers. Dell’s direct competitor is among the companies with the most followers on Instagram because of its creative imagery of printing.

Of course, HP is widely known for its state-of-the-art printing solutions, so it’s not really a surprise if the company uses Instagram to showcase their printing prowess. HP’s Instagram account is not just fascinating but also boasts a smart marketing strategy.

Amazon (@amazon)

Following HP on the list is the Instagram account of the e-commerce giant, Amazon. With over 1.2 million Instagram followers, the company definitely belongs to this list. As what’s written on the company’s Instagram bio “Amazon, Your place for #allthethings!”, you will see a variety of images posted on their account.

With plenty of homeware pictures, Amazon’s Instagram account can give anyone a homely feeling. Most of the photos also feature everyone’s favorite best friend: dog! People can also check the account for product promotions and upcoming Amazon sales events.

Facebook (@facebook)

Also, another tech company with the most followers on Instagram is Facebook! The parent company of Instagram currently boasts nearly 3 million followers.

You might be thinking that since Facebook owns Instagram, the company can post pretty much anything on its account. On the contrary, Facebook’s account is modest and mainly features images and videos about “friendship.”

This goes to show just how committed Mark Zuckerberg is to the company’s core mission of creating meaningful connections.

Google (@google)

With 6 million Instagram followers, there’s no doubt that Google is the company to beat. Aside from the fact that the company is already famous, featuring “G” inspired photos also lured people into following the tech giant’s Instagram account.

Google one of the tech companies with the most followers on Instagram
Google is one of the tech companies with the most followers on Instagram | Google Instagram

Google is also fond of sharing landscapes, skyscrapers, dogs, and other colorful images. The company’s Instagram account is a perfect proof of how a successful brand marketing campaign should be executed.

Are you feeling inspired now? If you still need a little help to improve your Instagram account, check out the article below for some amazing tips!

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What secret Instagram techniques have you been using for your page?

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