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From “EdgyLabs.com” to “EDGY.app.” Our prediction: Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, are the future of the Internet. That’s why our Holiday gift to you is a brand-new, turbocharged EDGY.app PWA. Learn more about PWAs before everyone does in 2019 and get to know the new site.


You’ll notice that our site changed from “EdgyLabs.com” to “EDGY.app” domain. This is our holiday gift to you, our treasured readers. Everything we do is to give you the best experience on our site and the most information on the topics you love.

What We’ve Accomplished Because of YOU

When we started two years ago, we set out to build the best website on the Internet. To this day, we want to deliver the most relevant, the most innovative, and the fastest-loading content possible.

Thanks to you, we grew from essentially ZERO domain authority to welcoming more than 100,000 of you to our site per month– in just 10 months.

More than proud, we’re thankful for what you’ve helped us achieve.

Now, it’s time for Phase II of our experiment. As relentless innovators, we can’t stop at “good”. We’re going for “great” because that’s what you deserve.

Our original site at edgylabs.com was a highly customized and optimized template website
Our original site at edgylabs.com was a highly customized and optimized template website

So, over the last year, we’ve been little EDGY elves working day and night on our new interface. Finally, we get to tell you how proud we are to release it to you and hear what you think.

But, why did we Change to a PWA?

Google’s mission is to make the web more accessible to more people. That means that aside from authority (link building), the most important drivers for Google ranking are:

  1. How easy and enjoyable your site is to use (user experience or UX)
  2. How long it takes your pages to load (speed score)
  3. How relevant your content is
We are Edgy Labs
We love our new branding! What do you think of our new look?


For this reason, we believe that the future will trend toward Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs. They help make the web more accessible because they are fast, reliable, and engaging.

What’s a PWA?

Progressive Web Apps, or PWA’s, are a type of application that blend the ease of a mobile experience with the functionality of a regular web browser. PWA’s can look and feel like an app, but you can access them from your desktop. Because PWA’s tend to load faster, provide more reliable caching, and offer a more seamless interface, they help improve User Experience in an increasingly mobile world.

So, what can our EDGY.app PWA do?

  • It installs like an app on your phone
  • It installs like an app on your PC
  • It works offline
  • It loads in <0.5 seconds (average)
  • It scores ~100% in all Lighthouse tests
  • It scores ~100% in GTmetrix tests
  • It scores ~100% in many other tests
  • It is engineered for readability and user engagement
  • It is leveraging extremely sophisticated psychological conversation optimization techniques
  • It is fully optimized for mobile and transforms responsively

Relentless Innovation for YOU

So, stay tuned because we think 2019 will be truly incredible. Because of you.

Now, take our new site for a spin and be honest: What do you think?

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Krista is addicted to traveling and learning first-hand. She loves Sci-Fi, building systems, and fighting entropy.

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    Jack Ponting June 26 at 10:22 am GMT

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    Christopher Jozeph July 27 at 2:33 am GMT

    Good to see that your apps has been launched. I am sure that it will be accessible to worldwide and more people will be getting benefits from your knowledge hub.

  3. Profile Image
    William Riley June 23 at 6:38 am GMT

    I am very happy to know here about EDGY application and their usage. Keep sharing latest launched application updates.

    • Profile Image
      William Riley June 23 at 6:39 am GMT

      I am very happy to know here about EDGY application and their usage. Keep sharing latest launched application updates.

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