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Why Businesses Must Rely on Digital Marketing to Beat COVID-19



In the coming months, companies must rely on their digital marketing strategies to survive the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. And here’s why.

In the past months, various tech giants have had to cancel their events due to the current pandemic.

Along with the MWC, other canceled tech events include Google, Apple, and Facebook developer conference. There’s also the postponement of games in sports leagues, including the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Expectedly, these conferences and events cancellations could potentially cost millions of dollars. According to reports, the direct economic loss from these canceled events has already exceeded $1 billion.

The COVID-19 pandemic is especially hard on smaller businesses that rely on word-of-mouth referrals to get new customers.

Luckily businesses can still survive this challenging period.

But to do this, companies must focus on improving their digital marketing strategies. These include social media marketing, influencer-led campaigns, content marketing, and SEO.

Here’s why.

Reasons Companies Must Turn to Digital Marketing to Survive COVID-19

Here’s why you should consider digital marketing during this period.

1. Potential Clients Are Staying Indoors

If your business involves going out to meet customers face-to-face, you know it’s time to adapt.

In the coming months, your prospective client is less likely to let you in their home or even shake their hands. What’s more, no one knows precisely how long the social distancing would last or whether it could lead to a long-term change.

As such, it only makes sense to open new channels on social media and over the web to meet new people and foster relationships.

2. Competitors Are Doing It

Since more marketers are confined to their offices or homes, they now have time to develop their digital strategies. Reports suggest a spike in digital marketing activities among companies in the last few weeks.

While some companies are looking to launch a new e-commerce channel, others are looking to use influencer marketing and SEO to reach new audiences.

In other words, your competitors are leveraging this tactic already, and it’s time for you to revisit them. Whether it’s a simple website refresh or a new Instagram account, consider using online channels to save your business.

3. Opportunity to Build a Better Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing events present networking opportunities for businesses. So, it’s not surprising that companies are worried about losing such a chance to interact directly with customers.

However, there’s a window of opportunity to build a better online marketing strategy. For example, companies with a big budget can organize a 3D virtual event to create an immersive experience.

That way, you’ll have better control of your online channels when the pandemic is finally over. Even better, it would become a part of your long-term marketing contingency plan.

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