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Why Small Businesses Should Hire Professional SEO Services

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Professional SEO services are services offered by agencies or SEO experts to help you improve your business’s online presence, attract more customers, and increase your sales.

As a small business, you usually have to compete with various entities for market share.

Along with other small businesses in the local market, you also have to worry about the big corporations with vast reach. At the same time, there are dynamic companies that compete with online-only option.

With this level of competition, it’s essential to figure out ways to gain an edge. And that’s where search engine optimization comes in.

SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways to engage your customers.

According to estimates, as much as 97 percent of internet users have searched online to find a local business. What’s more, roughly 28 percent of local searches result in a purchase.

It’s no wonder that 61 percent of marketers list improving SEO and search engine ranking as their top goal.

At this point, you have to be wondering:

Can I Do SEO on my own?

can I do SEO on my own
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Yes, you can do search engine optimization for your business by yourself.

Many competent SEO consultants today neither attended conferences nor read an SEO book. Instead, they learned by reading about SEO online and getting hands-on experience.

The Beginner’s Guide to SEO from Moz is an excellent place to start. Not only is it free, but the post also addresses some of the most fundamental questions.

In addition to studying the history of search (which means studying the history of Google), consider following some industry experts on social media. These include Rand Fishkin, Danny Sullivan, John Mueller, Wil Reynolds, etc.

You may also have to invest in essential SEO tools such as Ahrefs, KWFInder, INK, SEMRush, MOZ, among others.

Yes, it all seems a bit overwhelming.

So, rather than do SEO on your own, you may want to consider hiring professional SEOs. Here’s why.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional SEO Services

Professional SEO services can consistently provide top quality content.
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Aside from helping you keep pace with SEO updates, an SEO service can consistently provide top quality content. Other reasons to invest in professional SEO include:

  • For Link Building Strategies
  • Access to Specialized SEO Tools
  • To Help With Web Analytics

Let’s delve a little deeper.

1. To Keep Pace With SEO Updates

Hiring an in-house team to handle your SEO may sound like a good idea. However, it involves devoting a significant portion of your time, funds, and other resources to training the team.

It seems even less manageable when you consider that Google releases a search algorithm update 500 to 600 times a year. While every minor update might not change your search ranking, a large number would.

To maintain a good ranking on the search engine, you must keep pace with these updates. A professional SEO can help you do just that.

Not only will you remain on top of every search trend or technical adjustments, but you’ll also know how these changes impact your strategies. That way, you can optimize your content for the best result.

2. For Consistent Top Quality Content

Consistently delivering top-quality content could prove challenging for even the best marketers.

According to a study from Zazzle Media60 percent of people find it hard to produce content consistently. And even when they manage to create something, they’re rarely happy with it.

Roughly 65 percent of people find it hard to provide high-quality, engaging content. Meanwhile, these are essential tenets of SEO.

After identifying your target audience, you must research the trending topics in your industry niche. Finally, you’ll want to start producing content that is optimized for the relevant keywords.

By seeking professional services, you’ll also have access to a team of writers that’ll handle the content aspect. These include content creation, curation, posting, as well as scheduling.

3. For Link Building Strategies

Forty-one percent of large companies consider link building as the most difficult SEO tactic.

Yet, it plays a significant role in boosting visibility and draws outside readers to your page. In the 2016 State of Link Building Survey from Moz90 percent of the participants said that they employ content as a link-earning tactic.

Unfortunately, tons of spammy links online can expose you to Google penalties. Even if you manage to clean up these links, they may have done irreparable damage to your brand and customer association.

As such, you must plan your link-building strategy carefully, and that’s another reason to hire an SEO company. Along with checking your link profile for suspicious activities, SEO companies will also verify the integrity of incoming links while removing the spammy ones.

4. Access to Specialized SEO Tools

As said earlier, doing SEO on your own requires access to a few free or inexpensive tools. Although many of these tools provide incredible insight, they’re more productive when deployed alongside other solutions.

For example, as helpful as Google Analytics is, you need additional tools to help with:

As you may have guessed, paying for these tools could cost a considerable chunk of your revenue. Meanwhile, an SEO service could incur less cost while providing access to the benefits these solutions offer.

5. To Help With Web Analytics

Google Analytics provides a quick view of your website’s performance. The tool is free, and it gives detailed information about where your site visitors — quantity, location, bounce rate, among others.

However, unless you’re working with someone that knows what to look for, you might not be taking full advantage of this resource. SEO companies, on the other hand, are trained to do just that.

They can help you interpret outcomes in your analysis reviews and how it could affect your search ranking. That way, you can adjust your SEO strategy accordingly.

Now that you’re considering getting professional help with your company’s search engine optimization, there’s just one thing:

How Much Should I Pay For Professional SEO Services?

Professional SEO services can cost as little as $25 to over $20,000 per month.
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Depending on the pricing type, professional SEO services can cost as little as $25 to over $20,000 per month.

There are four standard types of SEO pricing. These include:

  1. Project-Based: According to the project’s scope, prices could vary from $1,000 to $1,500
  2. Performance-Based SEO: Performance-based SEO is relatively new. As you may have guessed, it involves paying only after seeing results.
  3. Hourly Rates: In a 2012 study, MOZ noted that an average SEO expert charges between $80 and $130 per hour.
  4. Monthly Retainers: The MOZ study also revealed that the average monthly retainer was somewhere between $750 and $1,500 per month.

With that said, SEO prices can vary based on various factors — some of these include pricing models, agencies, pricing points, etc.

Wrapping Up: Hire Professional SEO Services

Search engine optimization helps small business owners to create fast, user-friendly sites that’ll rank higher on search engines. In turn, this could bring in potential customers and ultimately increase conversion rates.

Along with building brand awareness, SEO can also increase trust in a brand. Search engine users are more likely to trust websites that are on the first SERP than businesses that are not.

While you can do SEO on your own, you’re more likely to get the noticeable results within a short period when you hire professionals.

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