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10 Tips for Creating a Successful Video Marketing Strategy

Joseph Mucira /

Joseph Mucira /

If you haven’t jumped on the video marketing train yet, it isn’t too late. But if you miss it, there may be no trains after it for you to catch.

It goes beyond creating video content for marketing. Your videos should gain reach and engagement every time.

Want to become a video content marketing expert?

No problem: check out our 10 Tips for creating a successful video marketing strategy right here, right now.

Video Marketing Tip #1: Video Content Schedule Consistency

Our social marketing expert Chris Parbey, Jr. told me that consistency is vital in marketing.

Whether you are a company’s account, an influencer, or content creator, consistency separates the amateurs from the professionals. It also keeps people coming back to your account or page.

Chris also pointed out that so much of our lives involve decision-making. For example, we have to purposefully click on shows on streaming platforms such as Netflix or Hulu. These shows can’t turn themselves on.

If a user knows that you will post video content weekly on Tuesday at 3 PM, they can “tune in.” At the same time, they’ll have something to always look forward to every Tuesdays, and that’s your video.

Along with building your digital reputation with search engines, consistency can also bolster your audience relationship.

Video Marketing Tip #2: Don’t Be Afraid to “Do It Live”

Live streaming isn’t just for people who play the video game Fortnite these days.

Using Facebook LiveSnapchat, or Instagram to stream live is a critical video marketing tool. That’s why we highlighted it in our handy guide 10 Social Media Marketing Tips to Help You Succeed. Pro-tip: it’s #10 on that list.

Besides gaining engagement during the stream, the live stream can also encourage user interaction when you share it as a video later.

Expectedly, this real-time interaction increases brand transparency, relatability, and loyalty. It makes users feel like they are getting a “sneak peek” or exclusive access.

For instance, ColourPop leverages Snapchat’s live video to tease new products or collaborations. However, due to recent changes to the platform, many brands focus on Instagram now.

Video Marketing Tip #3: Share, Share, Share

Leverage social media platforms to your gain. Share your videos on social media.
Joseph Mucira /

Even before Facebook’s algorithm changes, sharing was a huge part of digital marketing. With video marketing, this tip is doubly essential.

To connect with most people, you need to cast a wide net. That isn’t to say that you should spread out your resources equally across all social media platforms. It only suggests that you shouldn’t be afraid to share your content.

After all, you probably worked hard on it, right?

Leverage social media platforms to your gain, and let your video content serve as the wrench. However, it would be best to approach each platform with its audience in mind.

For example, a video you post on Facebook might be 4:35 minutes long and have a thumbnail featuring people. Meanwhile, the same video on Twitter might be a 45-second snip-it with a CTA in the Tweet. On LinkedIn, you might include a link to a follow-up blog post.

Above all, the key is to disseminate your video content across relevant social media platforms.

Video Marketing Tip #4: Brand Consistency

This ties into tip #1 about having a consistent content schedule. But this tip regards brand voice and identity and how those affect your audience.

According to a Forbes article, if you aren’t keeping your brand as consistent as possible, consumers can get confused. Eventually, this confusion could lead to disinterest.

Brand consistency means having instantly recognizable marketing materials. It means backing up words (i.e., marketing) with actions. Brand consistency also suggests that you have a tight grip on your company’s public persona.

For example, Netflix went out of its way to develop its typeface to boost brand consistency. These kinds of tactics — especially in video marketing — usually pay off in the long run.

Consider another video marketing article I wrote in January. You’ll see a section about the YouTube channel SciSchow and consistency. Their videos have instantly recognizable sounds, graphics, and commentators.

This attention to consistency builds brand reputation, trustworthiness, and perspective.

Video Marketing Tip #5: Translate/Transcribe Your Video Content

Remember how I mentioned casting a “wide net” earlier to reach more people? Translating and transcribing your video content works to that goal, too.

After all, making your videos MORE accessible for MORE people can only help, right?

But don’t worry — it isn’t a massive undertaking like you might think. YouTube and Google both offer tools to help with both translation and transcription.

You can find a simple transcription tutorial here and find YouTube’s tools for translation here. You have the option of providing your translation or having help from the community. That means that you could have a CTA in your audience to help your video content reach others.

Video Marketing Tip #6: Get Informative/Educational

That video dealing with biology is from the YouTube channel Tech Insider, of Business Insider ilk. That might not be who you expect to make a video on that subject, is it?

But what Business Insider realized pretty early on when they started making videos is that people love information. Members of the younger generations, such as myself, are always googling something. So, educationally framing video marketing can pay off.

Consider this video from GoDaddy:

The video is only about 1 minute long, and it uses graphics and typography to teach people about SEO. Not only is it easily digestible, but it is also engaging and active. What’s more, it ends with a CTA of boosting your search engine visibility with GoDaddy.

Sneaky, sneaky.

You can also find a great list of quick tips on making informative videos here.

Video Marketing Tip #7: Have a Solid Value Proposition

People are inundated with various types of media and stimuli all day, every day.

Establishing a reason for the viewer to engage with your media is a crucial first step. This involves establishing value for the viewer with images, sound, copy, and ideas.

Employing tips four, eight, and nine on this list will help you create value more efficiently. The value prop will help you capture more viewers and, hopefully, more conversions.

You can also have multiple value propositions for one video, depending on the platform. Slightly tweaking the diction or presentation can change the perspective entirely.

Video Marketing Tip #8: Appeal to People’s Emotions

Increasingly, marketing specialists have had to think more creatively about reaching people.
Brooke Lark /

Increasingly, marketing specialists have had to think more creatively about reaching people.

A 2020 Adweek post suggested that brands have become more “social” in the past decade.  Not in the sense of social marketing, but in the sense of social issues.

Emotional marketing can take the form of a variety of types:

  • Social issues or current events
  • Inspirational or aspirational
  • Localized or “home-grown.”
  • Milestones or significant achievement-focused
  • Tackling big emotions such as love or fear

All of these topics play in the “emotional” aspect of marketing. Consider them when you make your next video content piece.

Will someone connect with your content on an emotional level?

Video Marketing Tip #9: Follow the “KISS” Method

Some of you might be familiar with this acronym for “Keep It Short and Sweet”.

I have also heard other variations such as “Keep It Short and Simple”, as well as “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. Regardless of which version you prefer, they all amount to the same thing.

Embrace “simplicity” and succinctness because, as mentioned, people are inundated with stimuli. You want your video content to cut through the noise and stand out.

While you might think this requires more, so does everyone else. Invert people’s expectations instead.

Why do you think Apple is so famous? It’s simple.

Video Marketing Tip #10: Optimize Video Content for Search Engines

This one is a no-brainer.

If you are creating content consumed digitally, it needs to be optimized for search engines. Period. How else will it rise through the mud of everything else on the internet?

In fact, with optimized video content, you can further boost your SERP ranking or Google listing. So, you can knock out two marketing birds with one optimized stone.

Simplicity, consistency, and quality and bring you a long way in video marketing and just marketing in general. Don’t be scared to try out new things or new outlets to make the most of your online platform. Remember, changes in trends often take weeks, if not months, to take effect, so don’t get too impatient.

If you’d like to learn more about how to measure how your traffic is performing, you can check our guide here:

Read More: How to Use Videos in Your Email Marketing.

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