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15 Creative Tips for Your Pinterest and Instagram Content

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Sites like Instagram and Pinterest are flooded with content, which is, of course, the point. Yet, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd when you are just one of many in an endless feed of content. Here are some tips for improving the draw of your social media sites.

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Here are 15 creative tips for improving your Pinterest and Instagram content draw:

1. Ease’em Into it

The user content experience should be a gradual, almost seamless experience for would-be customers. Do not bombard them with aggressive sales tactics. This is a sure-fire way to dissuade them immediately. Instagram content should be alluring but not heavy handed. Avoid lots of type and pricing in your images.

2. Consistency is key

Bloggers who post daily will have more results and user engagement than those who only blog from time to time. This is a challenge because creating Pinterest and Instagram content takes a lot of energy, but don’t give up!

3. Be a Shameless Self-promoter

Share and post links to your content, even on your own site. Don’t be shy!

4. It is Okay to Recycle old Content

Just make sure that you add a different perspective to it. Some new readers may not have seen your older posts, so it’s a good idea to clue them in on topics that you care about most.

5. Make Connections With Others in Your Field

Tag them in your posts and message them to let them know that they’ve been featured on your page.

6. Create a Running Series

Keep readers coming back by creating a series of posts that build on each other. For example, our Tech with Legs segment, which highlights a successful startup each week.

7. Show Readers That you Appreciate Them

This could be through sending personal letters and messages, or even tagging them in a special “thank you” post. More than just a nice jester, it will make your followers more likely to share posts from you in the future.

8. Do you Have an Analytics Program?

Follow the data to help tailor content. Keep doing what is popular and abandon what’s not working.

9. Have an Authentic Voice

Write posts as if you’re talking to a friend. Readers will respond better to a welcoming and individual tone, and they are more likely to come back one they know that you’re are not a sim or robot (although maybe that’s what they’re looking for).

10. #Cyborgsundays

Create a weekly hashtag.

This is an easy way to engage users and get them to link back to your content. It also builds consistency. I follow a guy who does #fff (foot fetish Friday’s) and now, sometimes when I see innocent pictures of feet I think about #fff, even though I really don’t want to. That’s good marketing.

11. Keep Social Tabs on Your Competitors

Examine the quote below. This guy knows successful social media marketing. So, obviously, we’ll be keeping tabs on what he does and says on the subject.

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. If you have to force your audience to see the value in the content, or hard sell it, it won’t work. Build content around a takeaway for the audience.” – Tom Fishburne, @Marketoonist.

12. Go out Into the Real World!

If you have the funds, commission a mural for your brand. Share it and encourage people to take selfies in front of it. This is a difficult undertaking, but one that promises huge gains in the number of followers interested in your work.

13. Unusual Sponsorships 

This depends on your budget, of course. It also works for charities, award ceremonies, arts festivals (film, art shows, etc) and annual events.

Even having your logo on a photo op backdrop is great because not only does it increase visibility by making sure you’re in every photo at the event, but you gain visibility from the audience engagement. Attendees will undoubtedly share their photos in front of your backdrop.

14. Photo Contests

Easy way to engage your followers and source user-generated content at the same time.

15. Infographics

These are great if you need to convey a lot of information. Also, people love to share them!

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