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4 Ways you can use Referrals to Grow Your Online Business

Palidachan |

Palidachan |

One of the easiest ways to grow your online business and increase your traffic is through referrals.

If you can convince each of your existing users or customers to give you one referral, you could potentially double your user or client base.

We’re convinced that there isn’t any other way to achieve this without spending an insane amount of money on user acquisition costs.

Additionally, people who get to know your business through referrals have most likely heard pretty nice things about your business, making it easier for them to trust and do business with you.

We’re sure by now you’re asking, how do I get those referrals?

4 Ways to Get Referrals and Grow Your Online Business

1. Ask for Introductions

When you ask your customers or prospects for a referral, it’s very easy for them to confuse your needs. They may be wondering if you need a name, email or simply a phone number.

Instead, ask them for introductions. It’s more effective because it clearly defines what you need from them and also introduces your value to the prospect.

For example, you can try asking: “Chris, would you be willing to introduce me to two other people in your network who would be interested in my services?”

It’s best to ask this after you have already provided useful information for services to the person from whom you are requesting a referral.

2. Exceed Expectations of Existing Customers

When you have an experience or buy a product for the first time and your expectations are somehow met, do you rush to tell your friends about it? We doubt that you do.

We usually just tell our family and close friends about new, mind-blowing experiences. By employing the same mentality in serving your existing customers, it’ll be easier for them to refer you to new customers.

An exceptional customer service coupled with a good product or service delivery will have your existing customers constantly talking about you to their network. This strategy would help you grow your online business significantly.

3. Offer Incentives for Referrals

Referrals take time and effort from your existing customers. Make sure it’s worth their time by offering them incentives or gifts to take action.

The most successful referral campaigns in online marketing all offered both the referrer and the prospect something.

Dropbox‘s referral campaign that brought them 2.8 million new users gave their users up to 16gb free space for inviting friends to join. Both the referrer and the referred got 500mb extra storage for free as soon as the referred signed up.

4. Create a Shareable Experience

Customers want experiences, not things. This is why brands like Apple and Nike, though they sell physical products, still spend a lot of resources on giving their customers the best overall buying experience. Every step of the unboxing process is calculated.

Apply the same strategy to your online business by wowing your customers with the delivery of your product or service. Make every step of the process a memorable one.

If they have an awesome experience with your business, they are more likely to refer others in their network when requested.

Final Words

Are referrals part of your present growth strategies?

If yes, how are you getting your customers to refer your newest prospects?

If no, will you be implementing the above tips anytime soon?

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