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AI Text Generators: The Edgy Labs Guide

AI Text Generators have gotten a lot of bad press lately, and it's entirely undeserved. ¦ Archiwiz /

AI Text Generators have gotten a lot of bad press lately, and it's entirely undeserved. ¦ Archiwiz /

Imagine hearing about an AI writing about a herd of unicorns being discovered in Peru; sounds pretty basic, right? But, what if this AI was so advanced that it could make you almost believe it?

Just hours after OpenAI released details of its impressive text generator, the controversy began. Are robots taking over the world? Will they write fake news to scare and confuse us all? Wait, hold on. Take a deep breath. Is all of this AI text generator talk really all bad news? We don’t think so.

OpenAI’s new algorithm, named GPT-2, can write news and fictional stories at an almost human-like level. They released writing samples here, like the above-mentioned unicorn island story. Their writing ability is impressive, and it’s true the possible applications could be dangerous. But that line of argument kind of misses the point about the potential of the tech. 

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Why is this Groundbreaking Technology Causing Concern?

First of all, at the same time OpenAI released details about GPT-2, they took the unusual step of not releasing most of their research. OpenAI claims releasing the full details could be, ”dangerous.” Even they don’t trust all of the details of their technology being fully out there.  

OpenAI once wrote in the OpenAI Charter, “We expect that safety and security concerns will reduce our traditional publishing in the future, while increasing the importance of sharing safety, policy, and standards research.”

They go on to say they see GPT-2 potentially represents the early beginnings of such concerns.

Concerns and criticism include:

  • The generation of misleading news articles
  • Impersonation of others online
  • Automation of spam/phishing content
  • Automation of abusive or fake content to post on social media.
  • Fueling hate speech. For example, AI could generate hateful or racist content and become an automated trolling machine.

But wait. This type of technology can’t be all bad, right? Text generators and smart editors are already doing great things. New text generating technology could mean more good to come.  

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How Content Creation AI is Being Used Right Now

Data Crunching:

The Associated Press uses a program called Wordsmith to automate most of its financial earnings reports. The natural language generation platform takes data and uses a template to churn out content which can be easily edited and published by journalists.

Financial Reports:

Quill works a lot like Wordsmith by taking data you provide and turning it into content. Financial clients can create 15-page reports in just minutes when that same job could take a writer weeks to put together. Quill creates content for clients like USAA, T.Rowe Price and Groupon.

General Content Help:

The Washington Post’s in-house AI content creator, Heliograf, has written hundreds of articles covering everything from politics to sports. Several major outlets like The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, and Forbes already automate a lot of their reporting. AI technology is not just more efficient but also able to write in multiple languages in just minutes. Another company, Articoolo, creates proofread content from scratch, simulating a human writer. However, reviews for Articoolo aren’t great as users say the articles often don’t make sense.

The Future for AI Text Generating Technology

In the future, that remote island with unicorns may include magical rainbows and we are pretty sure there will be AI technology there too. OpenAI’s text generator and other types of smart editors could one day be a fantastic resource to countless industries. Text generators could create endless pages of helpful content for users.

Marketing Specialization:

AI text generators will soon be able to create highly targeted, personalized content. The AI can sift through reams of data and determine the kind of content a person wants. AI will use things like online behavior, purchase history, interests and more to determine the content.

It can also show a company which clients engage with their brand and create content relevant to them. This future hyper-personalized and highly efficient content is something AI text generators could crank out in minutes.

AI technology is already helping companies schedule, proofread and curate content.

AI Text Generator Technology Will Redefine Targeting:

Even having AI technology creating tons of content won’t be helpful if no one is reading it. AI technology will help deliver that content the best way possible by using location-based targeting. Now, creating content for different users all over the world may sound impossible, but with AI text generators it can happen. You will be able to target users not only with language and cultural references but also by publishing at the right times to make the biggest impact.

SEO Optimization:

Here at Edgy, we’re constantly focused on the innovation of SEO processes and that includes AI technology. Google already uses AI to improve the relevance of content for the person searching. Using a text generator or a smart editor will revolutionize this process. AI technology can collect data like common keywords or phrases and the sources of links on top-listed pages.

Using AI, writers can automate keyword searches and tagging. It can also analyze natural language inquiries that Google will most likely pick up along with generating market and competitor insights. AI can also help in doing predictive analysis by analyzing Google Trends and forecasting search trends.

Higher Quality News:

Sure, there is a potential for “fake” news but, let’s be honest, we already have that problem. AI text generators have a huge potential to report on more stories than humanly possible. Even the best writer has to take time to get their article published. There’s often research, an editing process and the technical aspect of getting it published. For example, reporters cover events, maybe do interviews, take their notes and then write an article. With AI technology, news agencies can cover more events and just convert facts into posts at a quicker speed.

Customized Customer Service:

AI text generators could help companies with customer support that will be available 24/7 to answer questions. From the healthcare industry to financial institutions, AI could be used to help bring customers the latest and most relevant information they are looking for.

Although met with criticism, OpenAI’s new text generating technology is just the next step in the future of the Internet. Google has also released a similar AI language system called Bert. From the latest news headlines to the best happy hour in town, the demand for fresh and content is not going anywhere, so why not look to robots for help?

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