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Microsoft Finally Releases Chromium Edge Browser for Testing



It was initially announced last February that non-Windows Insider members would be able to test Microsoft’s upcoming Chromium Edge browser. True to its words, Microsoft has finally made the highly anticipated Chromium-based browser available for public download.

Anyone who wants to try the new Edge browser can go to the Microsoft Edge Insider website and download any of the Dev Channel or Canary Channel versions. The Beta version of the product is still currently listed as “coming soon.”

Some people who have tried the Chromium version of the Edge browser recommend downloading the Dev Channel version because the Edge team reportedly updates this build weekly, making it more stable than the Canary.

On the other hand, the Canary Channel is being updated daily, receiving the latest features but making it far less stable than the Dev.

Microsoft Removes Google Services From the Chromium Edge Browser

Initial feedback from users of the Chromium Edge browser claims that it’s stable and even performs better than the Google Chrome browser for Windows. That’s despite the fact that the latter was also built on the same Chromium open-source program.

Microsoft revealed that it has removed or replaced all the Google services in its new Edge browser to optimize its performance. Over 50 Google services that came with the Chromium program were allegedly eliminated. Some of the removed/replaced services include:

  • Google Now
  • Google Pay
  • Chrome OS hardware ID
  • Google Maps Time Zone
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google DNS
  • Google Cloud Messaging
  • Chrome OS Monitor
  • Chrome Cleanup

The Microsoft Edge team is due to discuss more about their Chromium works at the BlinkOn 10 conference happening today in Ontario, Canada. According to reports, Microsoft is also developing ARM support for Chromium as well as other enhancements for battery life, PDF, smooth scrolling, editing, dev tools, and many more.

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    Anthony Crosier April 10 at 3:30 am GMT

    Is this phase will support 4K Netflix streaming?

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