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Learn Free Content Marketing Secrets From Under Armour, Coke, and Geico

Sergey Causelove |

Sergey Causelove |

When it comes to successful marketing for your business, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Copy these proven content marketing strategies from billion-dollar brands (without spending) and get results.

Big brands like Coca-Cola, Under Armour, and Geico have the budget to conduct experiments most small companies can’t.

But that’s fine–they’re basically doing the heavy lifting for you.

All you have to do is:

  • figure out their winning strategies,
  • adapt them to your brand,
  • and you too can get shocking results.

It’s that simple.

In this article, we look at 3 successful content marketing strategies currently being used by billion-dollar brands Coca-Cola, Under Armour, and Geico.

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1. Give Out Free Content

Nowadays, most consumers spend a decent amount of time on research before making any purchasing decisions. Consumers typically start with a goal they want to achieve or a pain point they want to solve.

Example, if a consumer wants to lose weight, they’ll probably start with a Google search query “how to lose weight“.

The search results will almost definitely return a few how-to’s and advice columns that give general advice. However, paid-for product advertisements will be suggested and those “free” how-to articles will likely suggest that you purchase some of those products to aid you in your quest to drop a few pounds.

Yet, there’s hope. Google will likely present to you a useful, comprehensive guide that links to many resources on the subject of getting healthy.

This is where content is king.

Aside from the normal paid ads, Google shows only the best and most relevant organic content to searchers. Producing high-quality content that offers valuable information to your customers and potential customers will ensure a constant stream of paying customers without having to shell over dollars to get your link to rank #1. If you want to read more about SERP ranking, click here.

Under Armour is making a killing with this strategy. You may know Under Armour as a clothing company. What you may not know is that it has built a huge online community around health and fitness.

Under Armour Website
Connected Fitness | Under Armour

In total, UA has 3 blogs, MyFitnessPalMapMyRun, and UA Record, all of which are all blogs for its multiple fitness apps. These apps have a combined registered user base of over 200 million.

Under Armor is able to attract millions of new potential buyers with just by producing fresh and high-quality content around health and fitness.

2. Remind Your Customers of Your Brand, Product, and Offers

As content marketers, in our quest to not overwhelm our customers with our offerings, we tend to be more subtle in promoting our products in our content. Our products are usually not the focal point of our content. However, we must always remind our customers of our brand and products.

Coca-Cola does a great job of this with their social media strategy. Every post Coca-Cola shares on their social media channel is either about their brand, product, benefits or is an offering.

Your brand may not be as versatile as Coca-Cola but you can still take a cue from their strategy. The more you learn how to express your brand every day the more likely customers will be able to see themselves doing the same.

3. Deliver More than Your Brand Offering

If you stumble on Geico‘s Youtube channel, it might never occur to you it’s an insurance company. Honestly, if I hadn’t seen a million different Geico commercials over the years, it would feel like it’s a light-hearted comedy channel with an incredible production value.

In addition to its comedic commercials, the insurance giant also has “Geico More“, a blog where they provide useful content beyond insurance. You might not have the money to bring stars into commercials and create high-value productions, but you can identify with your customers by understanding what people actually need to navigate your products and services.

Even though Geico promotes products through all its efforts, it still provides a ton of value beyond its core business. This is something you should adapt to your business.

In a nutshell, these tactics have been tried, tested and proven to deliver results. The great news is that it’ll cost little to nothing to implement them in your brand marketing with a little effort and creativity. Give them a shot and thank Edgy Labs later.

Where are you already employing these strategies in your content marketing efforts?

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