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3 Ways This Spherical Drone With LED Strip Lights Will Change Advertising



Edgy Labs covers how drone cameras with led strip lights could improve sports events, mobile advertising, and emergency services.

Founded in 2016, the China-based company DJI is leading in the development and sail of non-military drones. It makes almost two-thirds of the world’s civilian drones and its overall revenue reached $1.5 billion USD last year, says the Huffington Post.

About 75% of its drones are exported to people in the U.S. and Europe who enjoy flying drones primarily as a pastime.

However, the East Asian market for non-military drones is quickly growing out of the “just for fun” category.

Early this year, Japanese telecommunications company NTT DOCOMO created the first drone capable of displaying LED images on a spherical screen during flight.

The newest remotely operated model is “intended to be used at sports events and concerts, as well as in emergency situations”, designer Wataru Yamada of Docomo explained to the EFE News Agency.

1. Sports Events: Next-gen Jumbotron

Second Spectrum has already implemented a system for the National Basketball Association (NBA) that can record every aspect of a game and display that information via an AR interface.

By using Second Spectrum alongside drones with LED strip lights we could very well have “jumbotron drones” for each NBA (or NFL) seating section. These drones would feature with highly optimized AR displays of both the game, advertisements and half- time musical performances.

2. Mobile Advertising: Interactive Mobile Billboards

Combined with targeted advertising from biometric information (like retinal scans) and big data, mobile billboards could produce something even more interactive than a Minority Report-style mall experience.

Sound impossible? Four years ago, Apple’s iBeacon, which exploits BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy, was launched. Since it’s been adopted by big brands like Macy’s department stores and the clothing giant American Eagle Outfitters.

More recently, NewAer, Inc. (a company that develops proximity-based SaaS solutions) developed the NewAer Kiosk. The Kiosk allows retailers to communicate product information, location-based rewards, discounts and other buying incentives directly to their clients via a Universal proximity-based app, without the need of iBeacons or multiple apps.

3. Emergency Services

Highway boards with LED light strips are already capable of reporting kidnappings, traffic accidents, and travel times, but drones could be used to make emergency services of all kinds better.

ArgoDesign, an Austin-based drone company, is currently looking to save the estimated 1,000 lives lost each year in the U.S. because of slow emergency response times in the nation’s biggest cities.

Do you think led strip lights on drones will be too distracting to drivers? Will they improve our experience at sports events? What about emergency services?

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