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The Best Copywriting Courses for Beginners

mohamed Hassan /

mohamed Hassan /

Main Takeaways:

  • Copywriting is the act of writing content that sells products and services.
  • A copywriting sample can include a sales letter, blog post, script, and social media post.
  • You can learn copywriting by shadowing an industry expert or taking an online course.
  • Free courses include Hubspot Academy Copywriting, Conversion Copywriting 101, The Landing Page Conversion Course, etc.
  • Paid classes include The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, Creative Circus Copywriting Program, The Copywriting Course, etc.

About 64 percent of B2B marketers outsource their copywriting needs. However, with more businesses switching to digital marketing due to the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for copywriters has skyrocketed even more.

Since copywriters require a blend of persuasion, psychology, advertising, and sales, you can’t become one overnight. But, you can always take an online course.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the act of writing content — pages, ads, promotional materials — for products or services. It attempts to convince customers to buy or take certain actions. So, copywriters usually have to create content such as sales letters, blog posts, script, and social media posts. In line with these content types, copywriting exists in various forms.

These include:

  • SEO copywriting
  • Marketing copywriting
  • Direct response copywriting
  • Brand copywriting
  • Technical copywriting

Along with working in marketing agencies, copywriters can freelance or work in an organization’s marketing department.

How Can I Learn Copywriting?

Ideally, an individual looking to become a copywriter would need a Bachelor’s degree in English, advertising, or marketing. And that’s still the case for in-house copywriters in many organizations. However, freelance copywriters can now learn the craft from mentors or online copywriting courses. What’s more, a lot of copywriting tools are now available for free online. The list includes tools like INK (an AI-powered SEO writing editor) and KWFinder (keyword research tool).

With that said, you must exhibit specific skills before considering a copywriting course. For example, you should already have a strong understanding of language grammar, punctuation, spelling, and editing. Also, a good copywriter has the right eye for research.

What are the Best Copywriting Courses?

One thing to consider when selecting a copywriting course is quality. You don’t want to waste time taking a wrong class, especially if it costs a fortune.

To help with your quest, we’ve provided an overview of the best copywriting courses in two categories — paid and free.

Free Online Copywriting Courses to Consider

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Mohamed Hassan /

1. Hubspot Academy Copywriting

Description: Hubspot offers various marketing and writing courses for free. These include lessons on content marketing, contextual marketing, email marketing, to name a few.

At the same time, you’ll also learn how to use the company’s proprietary software. It’s the perfect way for brand-new copywriters to begin.

Facilitator: Hubspot Academy

Course period: It ranges from 50 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the course.

2. Conversion Copywriting 101

Description: Conversion Copywriting 101 is a free video that features professionals discussing the fundamentals of copywriting. The experts include Joanna Wiebe, Lianna Patch, Sam Woods, and more.

Besides the necessary skills, the course also covers writing for landing pages, writing for Google Ads, and crafting headlines.

Facilitator: CopyHackers

Course Duration: No fixed period.

3. The Landing Page Conversion Course

Description: The Landing Page Conversion covers multiple marketing topics designed to help you understand how to persuade readers to take action. These could include making inquiries or purchases.

Students get eleven emails with video tutorials and teardowns of real examples. It covers how to write Call-to-Actions, landing page copy, lead capture forms, among others.

Facilitator: Unbounce co-founder Oli Gardner is the course facilitator. However, it also features digital marketing experts such as Peep Laja, Rand Fishkin, and Brian Clark.

Course Duration: No fixed period

4. Become A Copywriter Pro from Ground Up

Description: This 16-lectures copywriting course compiles some essential knowledge from various copywriting experts.

The course begins by explaining what copywriting is, before delving into what it means to be a good copywriter. Other sections of the class include “Finding your voice” and “Writing with clarity.”

Facilitator: Eduonix

Course Duration: Four hours

5. Gary Halpert’s Boron Letters

Description: Boron Letters is unlike the other copywriting courses on this list. That’s because it’s actually a book about copywriting — one of the best books ever written on the topic.

The book provides a basic understanding of customer psychology and how to influence it. It also offers a model to structure your writing for maximum readability.

Facilitator: Gary Halpert.

Course Duration: No fixed duration.

Paid Online Copywriting Courses to Consider

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Mohamed Hassan /

1. The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

Description: This web copywriting course is ideal for beginners that are looking to create a copywriting career.

Besides connecting with some top experts in the field, the course also includes an extensive copywriting training catalog. That way, you can build your skill and learn how the business works at the same time.

Since the course goes up to the Master’s Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, qualified copywriters can benefit from the course too.

Facilitator: American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI)

Course Duration: No fixed duration limit

Price: $495

2. Peep Laja’s Conversion Coaching Program

Description: Peep Laja’s conversion coaching program provides an in-depth insight into how to attract high-paying clients.

Contrary to what you may think, Conversion Coaching Program is not about the latest fads in conversion. Instead, the program focuses on developing e-commerce copywriting skills to persuade potential customers.

Peep Laja’s Conversion Coaching Program is an actual live coaching session. Besides the videos, participants have to attend webinars and complete assignments too. There’s also a live Q&A each week to get feedback.

Facilitator: Peep Laja

Course Duration: Three months

Price: $78

3. SEO Copywriting Certification

Description: SEO copywriting involves combining traditional copywriting skills with search engine optimization. That means you would be getting the best of both worlds in this course.

Along with learning how to write persuasive copy, you’ll also understand how to apply the best SEO practices. These include how to:

  • Build key phrase strategies
  • Create a compelling key phrase-rich copy
  • Expertly review a website, among others.

Facilitator: SuccessWorks

Course Duration: Three months, including lifetime access to all lessons

Price: $995

4. The Copywriting Course

Description: The Copywriting Course provides an in-depth look at how to become successful at sales. Yes, you would be learning to become a copywriter. Butthe course also covers topics such as:

  • Writing using scripts and templates
  • Training employees to be copywriters
  • How to automate your emails

It’s a compilation of several previous training videos that Neville created. There’s also a full community of professional copywriters to help review your copy.

Facilitator: Neville Medhora

Course Duration: No fixed duration limit

Price: The Copywriting Course’s subscription options include $97.00 per month, $267.00 per 3 months, or $750.00 per year.

5. Creative Circus Copywriting Program

Description: The Creative Circus Copywriting Program is the ideal course for writers looking to make a career in advertising. Aside from learning the basics of ad copy, you can also build a copywriting portfolio.

Some classes in this program include:

  • Professional Practices
  • Introduction to Copywriting
  • Long Scripts, among others

Facilitator: The Creative Circus

Course Duration: Unspecified.

Price: RSVP for a quote.

Wrapping Up

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced more businesses to seek remote-work solutions. So, if you’re looking to write copywriting samples for web pages, now is the time to consider the best courses to take.

Indeed, it’ll teach you the necessary skills required to succeed as a copywriter. But, you’ll also learn the most advanced conversion strategies.

As for the question of the best copywriting course to take during this period, the answer is simple. It depends on your business, budget, and goals.

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