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Google Adds New Labels to Image Search Results Pages

Image courtesy of Google Search Liaison Twitter Account (@searchliaison)

Image courtesy of Google Search Liaison Twitter Account (@searchliaison)

Google is updating its image search with labels for recipes, products, as well as videos.

Before now, image thumbnails on Google’s image result page featured dimension information at the bottom corner.

Now Google is removing the dimensions overlay altogether. Instead, image results will now show icons for recipe, products, as well as videos. It’ll also include licensable labels in the future.

In an announcement, Google’s Search Liason, Danny Sullivan wrote:

“Later this week, Google Images will show new icons on the desktop that provides useful information to indicate if images lead to pages with products for sale, recipes, or video content.”

If the labels work as Google expects, it could engage more searchers. Along with increasing clicks to your images, the labels could deliver more traffic to your website.

Sullivan suggested that the update will roll out later in the week. But why the change?

Why Google is Adding Labels to Image Search Result

According to the search engine giant, the new labels can help searchers find visual ideas. That way, they can get more things done directly from the image thumbnail.

Images that come from the recipe will show the recipe label. Likewise, screenshots from videos will also display the video label. Finally, licensable images will probably display the license label.

At the end of the announcement, Sullivan reminded site owners that image licensing information is still in beta testing. That means the license label will be visible to a select few.

Last week, Google started testing ways for websites to display licensing information about its content on the image search result.

To get the licensable label, website owners must have provided an image licensing metadata in advance. Google provided a direction for site owners on how to mark-up their licensable photos with suitable structured data.

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