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Google Ads Extends Bid Simulator and Budget Simulator Support

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A bid simulator provides publishers with insight into the potential performance of their ads at different bid levels.

Before now, these simulations were only available for campaigns that were either using manual bidding or Target CPA. Now, Google is extending bid simulator support for the Target ROAS to give publishers more insight into a wider variety of campaigns.

Aside from the bid simulator support, Google Ads is also getting a budget simulator to maximize clicks and conversions. That way, publishers conveniently estimate the impact of changes in campaigns that use these smart bidding strategies.

In a blog post announcement, product manager at Google Ads, Sagar Shah said:

 “To make it easier for you to get more insights from a wider variety of campaigns, we’re adding bid simulator support for the Target ROAS bid strategy and a new budget simulator.”

Here’s how the new features work.

Bid Simulator for Target ROAS

Bid simulator for Target ROAS works the same way as it does in manual bidding and Target CPA bidding campaigns. It displays the relationship between a ROAS target and other vital metrics.

For example, a publisher that wants to know how a high target would impact performance can use data from auctions from the last seven days. Then, the tool would show what would happen provided other factors — ads, landing pages, competitor ads, competitor bids — remain the same.

Budget Simulator to Maximize Clicks and Maximize Conversion

As you may have guessed, these bidding strategies help publishers maximize the number of daily clicks and conversion from a campaign.

However, it’s not uncommon for publishers using these strategies to run out of budget. And that’s where the budget simulator comes in.

Like the bid simulator, the budget simulator also uses previous seven-day auction data to project how budget changes impact performance. That way, publishers can find an ideal budget allocation across campaigns.

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