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Google Announces New Ad Automation

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Advertising Week event was created for professionals in the marketing, brand, advertising, and technology industry.

It provides an excellent opportunity for attendees to join senior leaders in productive discussions. Also, individuals use the Advertising Week to network and gain the tools or insight to elevate their careers.

Unlike the previous years, the 2020 Advertising Week is a virtual event for a global audience.

As part of this year’s event, Google introduced more automation features and campaign types to its ad platform. As the search giant points out, the new products are a further indication of its machine learning goals.

Vice President at Google, Jerry Dischler wrote in a blog post announcement:

“Today at Advertising Week, I’m excited to share innovations that will give you new insights about changing consumer behavior and help you meet customer demand in real time through automation.”

Here’s a breakdown of the announcement.

Google’s New Ad Automation Features and Campaigns

1. Insights Page in Google Ads

Earlier in the year, Google rolled out Rising Retail Categories — a tool that surfaces fast-growing product searches. Now, it’s introducing an insights page in the Google Ads UI to collect data from the tool.

Thanks to the page, advertisers will be able to check essential metrics tailored to their account. These include currently trending searches, auction insights, and interest predictions.

The Insights Pages should be available for beta testing in the U.S. and U.K. in the coming months.

2. Automated Performance Max Campaigns

Google also introduced a new automated campaign type called Performance Max.

At the moment, Google Ads offers fully automated campaigns for app marketers, retailers, and businesses with a physical location. That way, they can drive results across Google’s surfaces.

Meanwhile, the Performance Max campaigns will build on learnings from those automated options to provide a more comprehensive solution. According to Google, the new campaign options promise four primary benefits.

  • Customer reach
  • Performance towards your business goals
  • New reporting and insights
  • New campaign inputs

With that said, the search giant points out that Performance Max campaigns are still in the early testing stage. So, advertisers won’t receive an invitation to join the beta testing until next year.

3. Automated Video Action Campaigns and Direct Response for TV

Finally, Google is rolling out Video action campaigns to advertisers in the coming weeks. According to reports, the new campaigns should run on YouTube, including other Google video partners.

Also, the search giant is testing direct-response video ad formats for TV screens.

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