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Google may be Testing Visual Imagery on Search Results Page

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Google may be testing a new SERP design for desktop search results, and it involves lots of imagery.

According to Android Central, users that perform a Google search from a desktop computer are getting the mobile AMP search results.

However, the new design has fewer words than you’ll find on the mobile version. Instead, the search result page is now littered with tons of pictures and tiny headlines to identify the search result in question.

The stark difference between the existing search result design, and the one Google is testing is noticeable. While the former features tons of text to help searchers find what they’re looking for, the latter focuses on gorgeous imagery.

On the bright side, identifying websites could become a little easier. Unlike the current SERP design that has no real visual identifier between results, the new design encourages searchers to select results based on the image.

Google’s Past Experiments With the Search Result Look

Earlier in the year, Google rolled out a new look on organic and paid search on desktop.

Along with moving the URL in organic snippets, the search engine also changed the color into black. There was also favicon next to organic search results as well as an Ad label next to paid results.

It became a bit challenging to distinguish between organic results and ad results. And this resulted in a massive backlash that forced Google to reverse the design.

Google regularly tests new designs and concepts on its search engine using what’s called A/B testing.

So while a set of users will receive A test design, another group will likely get the B test design. According to Android Central, another group could be testing another design right now.

With that said, the design currently undergoing testing looks nothing like ads. But we’re not sure it’s here to stay.

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