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Google Assistant can now be Accessed via Free Phone Call in India

Piotr Swat /

Piotr Swat /

Google has made Assistant available through a simple phone call in India.

According to recent statistics, there are about 5.11 billion phone users in the world today. Of that number, about 4.39 billion can use the internet.

That means, over 700 million phone users still don’t have any way of accessing online resources, including search engines.

The situation is even more urgent in India, where only 460 million people use the internet. For reasons varying from a bad connection to unsupported phones, half of India’s population are left without internet access.

To address this issue in India, Google announced the Vodafone-Idea Phone Line.

Vodafone-Idea Phone Line is a service that allows people who don’t have access to smartphones or smart speakers call to get answers from the search engine. They simply have to dial 000 0800 9191000 to have access to Google Assistant.

Not only is the phone number available 24/7 to answer questions, but it’s also free. There are no charges for using the service.

What Does a Phone Call to Google Assistant Offer?

Well, everything you would expect from the online version.

According to Google, the service includes everything from the weather forecast, traffic conditions, to sports scores. It can help with home works too.

Like the Assistant on connected devices, the phone line Google assistant works in multiple languages, including English and Hindi. The idea is to provide timely information to people who would otherwise not have access to it.

The search engine company made the announcement during its Google for India annual event earlier today.

Aside from giving Google Assistant a phone number, Google also brought a food delivery feature to the voice assistant. Before now, users in India could not order food using the Assistant. Now, users can search for restaurants and food items, add orders and check out.

A phone line for Assistant is part of Google’s recent push in India. The search engine has also rolled out a flood prediction system and educational initiatives such as learn to read app.

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