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Google Merges Search Console and Analytics Data

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Google has been sending email notices about an upcoming trial to site owners via Search Console.

According to the notification, the search giant wants to combine data from Google Analytics and Search Console together into one report. That way, users can access the information they need using either service.

The email suggests that site owners can now export data from Analytics and a linked Search Console property. Since the feature is a trial experience, it’ll only affect the Search Console property that the email indicates.

Also, Google promises to send another notification when the beta experience becomes available in a few weeks.

According to the email:

“When this change occurs, any data exported from your Google Analytics property to your linked Search Console property will be subject to the Search Console Terms of Service.”

Finally, the notification states that site owners that want to opt-out of the trial could unlink their Search Console and Analytics properties.

Benefits of a Combined Search Console and Analytics Data

The Search Console tracks user activity in the Search Engine Result Pages. Google Analytics, on the other hand, tracks user activity on a website.

So, the potential use of a report that combines the data from these platforms can be endless.

For example, you can check how adding a review schema to product pages impacts search traffic. Also, site owners can now compare data from the two platforms to identify possible correlations.

With that said, Google hasn’t provided more information aside from the email’s content. So, some parts of the feature and its trial period is still a bit hazy.

For instance, we don’t know if everyone will get the chance to participate or if Google is limiting the beta testing to a specific audience.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the integrated reports in the coming week, as we get closer to the launch date.

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