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Google Plans to Expose Slow-Loading Sites to Search Users

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According to Google, the Chrome browser will start identifying slow-loading sites soon.

Back in 2008, When Google first launched the Chrome browser, it had one thing in mind; speed. The search engine company is continually looking for ways to make web browsing faster for users.

Over the years, Google has launched tons of initiatives that support this goal. For example, search ranking rewards sites that deliver a fast experience to users. There’s also the Accelerated Mobile Pages web format.

Now, Google has a new idea on how to make the web faster; expose slow-loading sites.

Google executives wrote in a blog post. 

“In the future, Chrome may identify sites that typically load fast or slow for users with clear badging. This may take several forms, and we plan to experiment with different options to determine which provides the most value to our users.”

Here’s how it’ll works.

Using a Badge to Identify Slow-Loading Sites

sample message Chrome will generate for slow-loading sites
Image Credit: Google

Google is introducing a badge to notify users when a site has a historical tendency of loading slowly.

However, the internet company says it could extend the badging to identify other possible reasons for slow web experience. These include when a page is delayed due to network conditions, or based on a user’s device.

At the moment, Google has not made a final decision, slow loading notification’s look. While it’s leaning towards a splash screen, other early explorations include a loading progress bar and context menu.

With that said, the effort is still at an early stage.

That means only a limited number of users will see the “slow-loading sites notification.” Also, Google appears to be directing the feature at mobile users.

At the moment, speed is the primary criterion for receiving a badge notification. But the internet company suggests that it could consider other signals in the future.

Our long-term goal is to define badging for high-quality experiences, which may include signals beyond just speed,” it says.

Are you worried that your site might be too sluggish? Google recommends using the PageSpeed Insight and Lighthouse to improve your site speed.

The search engine company says it’ll provide more details of the badging program as it takes shape in the months to come.

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