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Google Rolls Out New Look for Organic and Paid Search on Desktop

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Google is updating the look for paid search and organic search results on desktop. Now, it looks more like the mobile search results.

For a while now, Google has been experimenting with the looks of its search result page.

Late last year, a Reddit user suggested that the search engine company may be looking to do away with URL altogether. So, instead of displaying a full domain, the SERP will only contain the website names.

At the time, Google was just testing. Now, it’s official: the tech company is rolling out a new look for both paid and organic search on desktop.

Yes, the URL is still there.

In its Twitter announcement, the company wrote:

“Last year, our search results on mobile gained a new look. That’s now rolling out to desktop results this week, presenting site domain names and brand icons prominently, along with a bolded “Ad” label for ads.”

The new search result design for desktop is more in line with the looks of the mobile search result page.

By placing the site’s brand “front and center,” Google hopes to help searchers pay closer attention to where they’re getting information. However, the new look also makes it difficult to tell the paid search results and organic search results apart.

Here’s a breakdown of the look.

Changes to Organic and Paid Search Result

Along with moving the URL in organic snippets, Google also changed its color. Domain names are now above the page title in black instead of green.

However, the more noticeable change to organic search results may be the inclusion of favicons. Now, site owners might have one more thing to optimize as far as desktop search is concerned.

In a statement to Edgy, the co-founder and CTO of the AI web optimization platform INK, Alexander De Ridder, pointed out:

“For brands, it means that favicons are new conversion optimization targets.”

The paid search result, on the other hand, now features a bold “Ad” label in black text. Although Google says the label is more prominent than before, the report suggests that users still find it hard to identify paid search results.

Like the organic search, the URL is now above the headline and in black text. As a result, the paid result now looks identical to organic results, and the new “Ad” label could easily pass as a favicon.

According to Google, the changes to desktop search results should start rolling out in the coming week.

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