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Google Rolls Out Question Hub in the United States

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Google has finally extended its Question Hub to publishers in the United States, three years after it rolled out in some regions.

What is Question Hub?

Google described Question Hub as a tool that can help creators make richer content to leverage unanswered questions.

The feature provides a way for publishers to see what questions go unanswered in Google Search. That way, they can create content that matches searchers’ interest for the search engine to surface.

Google first rolled out the Question Hub feature in 2018. However, it was limited to regions that the company didn’t have enough content in its search index to answer searchers’ questions.

These include Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia), India (Hindi, English), and Nigeria (English).

After a few months of testing with COVID-19 questions, Google is officially extending the feature to the U.S.

Google’s FAQ page for the tool now reads:

“Question Hub is currently available in the United States (English), India (Hindi, English), Indonesia (Bahasa Indonesia), and Nigeria (English). We hope to expand to additional countries and languages over time.”

So, how do you use the tool in the United States?

Using Question Hub to Create Relevant Content

It begins with signing up at You simply have to sign into your Google account, select a preferred language, and pick your current location.

After that, you simply have to find some unanswered questions in the hub. Then, create the content and submit a URL of the content that addresses these queries.

The tool provides an excellent way for publishers to create relevant content. Indeed, the feature allows creators to identify and answer previously unanswered queries on the search engine.

Does submitting content in Question Hub improve its search ranking?

The answer is no! According to Google, submitting an article or video in the hub means you’ll see your content’s impact.

However, it does not affect the content’s ranking on Search or other Google properties.

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