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Intel "Accidentally" Leaks 9th Gen H-Series Processor Specs

This new range of processors packs a serious punch. | blickpixel / Pixabay

This new range of processors packs a serious punch. | blickpixel / Pixabay

Even this early into 2019, the AMD vs. Intel debate shows no signs of stopping. But this latest “leak” may prompt more interest in Intel.

With this newly released “leak”, what have we learned about the Intel 9th Gen H-Series Processors?

Information Remains Available Despite Intel’s Removal

Intel announced their line of eight-core Z370 and Coffee Lake compatible CPUs last year. As always, they remain at the peak of processor capabilities; some even go up to a whopping 16 cores. But this weekend, Intel posted a list of the exact specifications of their new line.

The flagship desktop processor model (the Core i9-9980HK) features a 16M cache with a 5.00 GHz boost clock. The “H” stands for “high-performance graphics” while the “K” indicates that this CPU is “unlocked”, allowing for overclocking.

The new lineup includes many models for many purposes. This means that not all are overclockable and the line includes some lower-end models that still promise great performance.

Was This Really a Data Leak?

Intel itself published the information on their website. So it begs the question: was this a true leak?

After all, we have seen many “leaks” including Samsung’s “leak” of their new wearable device lineup just last week. It showed new devices including headphones, but this move may have been intentional.

Google hinted at more concrete plans for a Pixel Watch, so Samsung may just want to get ahead of that competition. Intel may want to do something similar given how popular AMD’s new Ryzen line of CPUs has become.

Even in direct head-to-head competition, Tom’s Hardware still had almost a tie with the Intel Coffee Lake Refresh winning five categories and AMD Ryzen 2 taking four. Unfortunately, we may never know whether this leak was real or not, but at least we have the CPU specs, right?

You can find an even more comprehensive list here for all of the leaked information.

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