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JetBrains Kotlin Conference: Agenda, Schedules, and other Details

Kotlin Conference |

Kotlin Conference |

The Kotlin Conference 2017 will be kicking off tomorrow!

JetBrains, a Prague-based software development company will be hosting its very first 2-day Kotlin Conference in San Francisco starting tomorrow, November 2nd. The event was organized by JetBrains to thank the Kotlin community and to share some of the most exciting things that happened with Kotlin.

So, what is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a statically-typed programming language that runs on Java virtual machine and can also be compiled to JavaScript source code or use the LLVM compiler infrastructure. The program was unveiled in 2011 by JetBrains. It was named after the Kotlin Island which is found near St. Petersburg. The first version of Kotlin, Kotlin v1.0, was released in February 2016 to boost the sales of IntelliJ IDEA, JetBrains’ Java integrated development environment.

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Now, after over a year, the company has seen a huge growth in the adoption of Kotlin, “represented not only by the lines of Kotlin code on GitHub,” but by the number of companies that reached out to JetBrains about the programming language’s use as well.

The Kotlin Conference will be a community event, and the company greatly encourages members of the Kotlin community to come and participate. Last April, the company opened the Call for Papers, a way for people to submit talks on things that they’re doing with Kotlin.

Now, after months of preparation, the program has been finalized! Here are the speakers and some of the agendas for the Kotlin Conference.

Kotlin Conference: Speakers

One of the keynote speakers for the Kotlin Conference is Andrey Breslav. Breslav is the lead language designer for Kotlin. He joined JetBrains in 2010 to develop the said programming language. Some other notable speakers at the event will include:

  • Adrian Catalan, Lead, Innovation Lab
  • Alec String, Android Developer, Square
  • Amanda Hill, Senior Android Developer, ThoughtBot
  • Annyce Davis, Lead Android Developer, Off Grid Electric
  • Anton Keks, Craftsman, Codeborne
  • Artem Zinnatullin, Software Engineering Hipster, Lyft
  • Boris Farfer, Partner Engineer, Google
  • Cedric Beust, VP of Engineering
  • Dave Ford, Independent Developer, Trainer, Consultant
  • Dmitry Jemerov, Kotlin IDE Team Lead, JetBrains
  • Eugenio Marletti, Lead Android Engineer, Clue
  • Hans Dockter, CEO and Founder, Gradle
  • Neil Power, Android Developer, Hootsuite
  • Paco Estevez Garcia, Facebook
  • Stepanie Cuthbertson, PM Director, Android

Kotlin Conference: Agendas

November 2nd

  • Registration
  • Opening Keynote
  • Introduction to Coroutines
  • How to Build a React app in Kotlin
  • Cords and Gumballs
  • What’s New and Cool in Kotlin Tools
  • A View State Machine for Network Calls on Android
  • Understand Every Line of Your Codebase
  • Kotlin Static Analysis with Android Lint
  • Building Languages Using Kotlin
  • My Transition from Swift to Kotlin
  • Bootiful Kotlin
  • Lessons Learned Building a Build Tool
  • Frontend Kotlin from the Trenches
  • Build and Deploying Netflix, with Kotlin
  • Idiomatic Interop
  • Kotlin for Data Science
  • Real World Kotlin-Powered Android
  • The Road to Kotlintown
  • How to Kontribute
  • Architectures Using Functional Programming Concepts
  • You Can, but Should You?
  • Kotlin Puzzlers
  • Party Keynote

November 3rd

  • Registration
  • My Lige as Tech Transfer Monad
  • Building Kotlin Application at Scale with Gradle
  • Kotlin for the Pragmatic Functionalist
  • Cats and Dogs (lessons learned from working together as an iOS and Android team)
  • RxJava with Kotlin in Baby Steps
  • Sharing [Kotlin code across platforms] is caring!
  • kscript – Scripting Enhancements for Kotlin
  • Asynchronous programming with Kotlin Coroutines in Spring
  • Kickstarting Kotlin Culture: The Journey from Java to Kotlin
  • Generating Kotlin Code
  • The Cost of Kotlin Language Features
  • Kotlin EE: Boost your Productivity
  • Deep Dive into Coroutines on JVM
  • Going Serverless with Kotlin
  • Kotlinbots: Building Your Own Personal Robot Army
  • Kotlin Types: Exposed
  • Isomorphic Kotlin
  • Why Spring Loves Kotlin
  • Two Stones, One Bird: Implementation Tradeoffs
  • Testing Kotlin at Scale: Spek
  • Inter-Recative Kotlin Applications
  • Closing Panel

The Kotlin Conference will be held at Pier 27 on the spectacular Embarcadero waterfront in San Francisco. The event was made possible in partnership with Google, Android, Gradle, Capital One, Twilio, Expedia, and others.

Have you ever tried using the Kotlin programming language? What can you say about it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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