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New "Learn With Facebook" Initiative to Help People Land Jobs

Frederic Legrand - COMEO /

Frederic Legrand - COMEO /

Facebook is now positioning itself as a professional network with the launch of the company’s Learn with Facebook program.

To date, LinkedIn is the number one platform for people trying to develop their professional network and careers. However, things are about to change with Mark Zuckerberg launching the Learn with Facebook initiative.

This new initiative follows the launch of Facebook Jobs. This platform serves as a job listing feature for hiring employers and businesses on the site. Now, the company wants to help applicants land better job opportunities. This program will become a career guide to give people the chance to advance their skills through mentorship.

“Our opportunity here is to ensure people are ready, not just for the workforce of today but of the workforce of tomorrow, so that they’re equipped to fill those unfilled jobs,” Fatima Saliu, Facebook’s Head of Policy Marketing, said in a statement.

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Learn With Facebook

The Learn with Facebook program is a site dedicated to the career development of people with entry-level skills. Its primary goal is to introduce aspiring applicants to both hard and soft skills that will be beneficial to the advancement of their careers.

Facebook’s new program will include free lessons on how to ace interviews and content marketing management. Each lesson will feature case studies, insider tips, and some reliable resources from today’s industry experts.

“To help make Learn With Facebook’s lessons as accessible as possible, we’re partnering with Goodwill Community Foundation to offer this training across the US. We’ll work closely with them to develop training resources for individuals of all backgrounds and education levels,” Saliu added.

Aside from Learn with Facebook and Jobs, Facebook also updated its Mentorship tool to help people connect with other professionals in their industry. This will allow choosing a mentorship partner based on common interests and goals easier for people.

“As people embark on and continue their career journey, our hope is that these free resources can give them the support they need to advance in today’s digital economy,” Saliu went on to say.

Do you think Facebook has any chance of knocking LinkedIn off the top spot?

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