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LinkedIn Introduces Page Invitation Credits to Curb Spamming

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The new page invitation credits can limit the number of invites that LinkedIn page admins can send out each month.

For a while now, LinkedIn has struggled with the page-follow invitation spam. It involves a page admin inviting their connections to follow their company page in an irrelevant or unsolicited way.

Before now, page admins could send as much as 50 invites per day. That’s a whopping 1,500 invites every month.

To curb this practice, LinkedIn initially removed the ability to invite connections to follow company pages. However, the social networking site soon restored the function in November of last year.

Now, LinkedIn is adding new limits to prevent abuse of page follow invitation.

The company’s help page reads:

As a LinkedIn Page Admin, you can grow your follower base by inviting your 1st-degree connections to follow your page. Every page is granted monthly invitation credits, which are shared across all Admins of the Page.

Here’s how it works.

Using LinkedIn Page Invitation Credits

Page admins will now have access to 100 credits per month for inviting connections to follow their page.

While it costs one credit to send each invite, LinkedIn returns credits if invites are accepted. That means you can send more than 100 invites per month if your connections accept some of them.

It’s worth noting that LinkedIn page invitation credits don’t roll over. In other words, you can’t save up to two hundred credits and go on a mass-invitation spree.

Credits left unused are essentially wasted since the limit renews on the first day of every month.

Aside from the invitation credit, other restrictions on the LinkedIn page follow invitation are:

  • Admin pages must have less than 100,000 followers to invite connections.
  • You can only send one invite per member.
  • Admin must have more than three connections

Despite these restrictions, LinkedIn users can still opt-out of receiving page follow invitation via the account settings.

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