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Microsoft Offers Windows 10 File Recovery tool for Free

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You can now download Microsoft‘s Windows 10 File Recovery tool for free online.

Thanks to today’s internet, we now have plenty to worry about when using computers. These include ransomware, trojan horses, phishing attacks, keystroke logging, among others.

But that wasn’t always the case. Before the age of cybercrimes, an average computer user only had to be concerned about accidentally deleting a file. Indeed, the same old fear still lingers today.

That’s why tons of shareware and comprehensive professional tools exist to help recover deleted data. Some common ones include Disk Drill, EaseUS Data Recovery, Stellar Data Recovery, to name a few.

However, Microsoft has never provided Windows users its version of a file recovery tool — until now. The tech giant is now offering an undelete utility tool in its store for free.

The software description reads:

“Accidentally deleted an important file? Wiped clean your hard drive? Unsure of what to do with corrupted data? Windows File Recovery can help recover your personal data.”

Here’s how it works.

Using Microsoft’s new Windows 10 File Recovery Tool

When you click “Delete,” a computer doesn’t actually erase deleted files immediately. Instead, it removes pointers to the location of the data and notifies the system that the container that once housed those files is available for use.

The most advanced data recovery tool on the market uses this principle to restore deleted data. And Microsft’s new tool is no different.

The new Windows File Recovery Tool has three modes of recovery. These are:

  • NTFS file system: For resurrecting recently deleted files
  • Segment Mode: For retrieving older files
  • Signature: To retrieve files stored on external devices using ReFs, FAT, and exFAT file systems.

The Recovery Tool may not be useful on solid-state drives (SSD). That’s because unlike traditional hard drives, SSDs wipe out deleted files immediately.

While Microsoft did not state that the tool is in the beta stage, its version number of 0.0.11761.0 suggests that’s the case. Also, your PC must be running the latest Windows update (May 2020) to use the tool.

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