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New Google Podcast Promises Undocumented Information

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Yesterday, Google announced that its webmasters would be hosting a new podcast called “Search Off Record.

As the name implies, the purpose of the podcast series is to provide some behind the scene insights into what goes on at Google. However, it’ll focus on Search and communications around Search.

According to the trailer, the podcast should cover trending stories in SEO, Search Console features, as well as other fun stories. Besides, John Mueller pointed out that the team intends to share information that has never been documented.

For example, specific episodes of the podcast could offer a detailed insight into the decision-making process behind launches. Also, the Google Search team will share information on some upcoming projects.

Developer advocate at Google, Martin Splitt explained:

“So in this podcast, we are trying to share a little bit with everyone who is interested in what we are thinking and working on, and what happens before things become public.”

Here’s why you should listen.

Why You Should Listen to the New Google Podcast

The reason to listen to the podcast is obvious — access to undocumented information about Search.

Mueller highlighted what may be its best selling point while explaining why he likes the podcast name. “I kind of like the name ‘Search Off the Record’ because it’s a lot of the stuff that we do that’s not documented.”

Gary Illyes also suggested that humor would be an essential element of the podcast, and that’s a reason to tune in. Illyes’s lighthearted pitch recommends listening to the podcast to get information about sofas, coffee, as well as robots.txt.

He said:

“Why should you listen to our podcast? Primarily because we are really, really funny. Secondarily, because we have information that you don’t have.”

So, where can you listen to it?

At the moment, Google has only released the trailer. The search engine giant is yet to release a full episode of “Search Off the Record.”

However, you can subscribe using any podcast app of your choice. Another option is to bookmark the URL where the Google webmasters will be hosting the podcast.

Check out the official page here.

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