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NHS Information to Appear in the UK Google Search Results

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Searchers in the United Kingdom can now access health information from the National Health Service (NHS) right in Google Search.

Access to high-quality information is critical when it comes to health — perhaps now more than ever. And that’s because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

So far, there are 121, 061 confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide, with more of the instances occurring outside China than inside.

The United States has reported 29 coronavirus deaths. Meanwhile, the virus is responsible for 4,368 deaths worldwide, already exceeding those from SARS.

Expectedly, people are continually searching the web for updates on the disease. But it’s not that simple. In this current age of misinformation, finding reliable sources on the internet can be somewhat challenging.

That’s why Google is introducing a new Knowledge Panel that’ll provide health information to the search engine users from the U.K.

In a blog post announcement, Product Manager, Search, Geordy Kitchen wrote:

“Beginning this week, when you search for health conditions like chickenpox, back pain, or the common cold, you can find Knowledge Panels with information from the NHS website that help you understand more about common causes, treatments, and more.”

In other words, Google users in the United Kingdom will get answers to their health-related queries faster.

There’s more.

Knowledge Panel in Search To Provide Helpful NHS Information

Google intends to use the Knowledge Panels to provide “authoritative, locally trusted health information, based on open source content.

The NHS website serves an excellent source. Content on the website is formatted such that it’s not only easy to find, but it’s also publicly available to anyone.

That’s why more than 2,000 organizations — aside from Google — are using the NHS website content to provide reliable information. According to Google, the Knowledge Panels will cover over 250 health conditions.

Google points out that the health information on the SERP is not a substitute for medical advice. So, anyone with medical concerns should consult a health professional.

“We hope this feature will help people find reliable information and have more informed conversations with medical professionals to improve their care,” Kitchen concluded.

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