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The Beginner's Quick Guide to Link Building in 2019

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Link building in 2019 is not exactly the same as it was in 2010.

Now, it requires the ability to adapt to the ever-changing rules, including more skills and tools than ever. Also, link building now requires perseverance.

Once upon a time, you could quickly get your page a spot on the SERP by adding as many links as possible. Combine multiple links with a little bit of luck, and you could even land on the first page, right?.

Well, that soon changed.

In April 2012, Google introduced the Penguin spam filter as part of its core algorithm to change how websites build links. The spam filter works in real-time to note lousy link building and penalize pages for it.

Instead of helping you rank, links now pose a risk to your SEO efforts.

With this short refresher on link building in 2019, not only will you boost your page on the search engine, but you could also escape the Google penalty.

Let’s dive right in.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks for a specific web resource refers to a link from some other website(s) to that web resource. In other words, it’s a sort of reference from another web page to yours.

Without a doubt, backlinks are essential to rank on the search engine results page.

Unfortunately, not all backlinks are the same. Some weak or risky backlinks can hurt your backlink profile and invite Google’s wrath. In the end, you could lose most – if not all – of your organic traffic.

Basically, it’s better to earn a few high-quality backlinks than buy thousands of bad ones. But how?

5 Simple Tips on Link Building in 2019

Here are five ways to build high-quality backlinks.

1. Request for Backlinks

This is always the right place for beginners to start. It’s simple: ask for backlinks from anyone with a blog – whether it’s your family, friends, clients, or colleagues.

There’s just one thing. The website that the backlink is coming from must be relevant to your niche; otherwise, it could hurt your site.

If you’re feeling a little bold, you could even contact authority websites in your niche to request backlinks. If you’re lucky, you could get a positive response.

2. Start a Blog

Are you thinking of starting multiple blogs and adding one backlink to your site on each? Don’t do that.

Not only would it be a complete waste of time, but you may have just created several bad backlinks for yourself.

Starting a blog means you have to keep the blog alive. This requires posting articles regularly as well as making sure that the contents are well-structured, relevant, and useful.

That way, various websites across the internet will link to your great content. But, there’s another way content can help with link building in 2019 – guest posts.

3. Write a Great Guest Post

Many websites on the internet will gladly accept to publish your article. However, such a website must be relevant to your topic.

Also, you can’t write an article about how awesome you are or how great your company is. Instead, focus on writing an interesting post that’ll bring value to readers.

Now for the link building part.

Before selecting a website for guest posting, you must consider certain factors. These include the:

  • Domain authority
  • Trustworthiness
  • Backlink profile

Also, you may want to check the source of your guest post target’s traffic. That way, you’ll know if it fits into your goals.

4. Use Your Competitors

You could also research your competitors’ backlinks and try to get the quality ones. Several online tools such as Monitor Backlinks and Open Links Profiler can help with that.

Replicating your competitor’s backlink strategy is only smart when you’re sure of the link’s quality. Remember, an unsafe link could get you in trouble with the search engine.

5. Build Relationships

This is one of the easiest ways to build links.

You could start by being active on niche-related communities such as forums, blogs, or social groups like Quora. Contribute to exciting posts on these pages with interesting and relevant comments.

By actively participating in niche-based discussions on these online communities, you can slowly build a good backlink profile. What’s more, you’ll have access to the trends in your niche and meet some interesting people at the same time.

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