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Top 10 Countries With the Fastest Internet in the World

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You’re about to find out which countries have the fastest internet in the world. But before we delve into the list, let’s get you all warmed up with a brief introduction.

In this age, our online and offline lives have become so intertwined that some would argue that internet access is a human right.

According to Statista, nearly 4.48 billion people were active internet users as of October 2019. That’s about 58 percent of the global population, with China, India, and the United States ranking ahead of other countries.

We depend can now connect with families and friends over a video call, and stream the TV series on Netflix. Also, the internet has made it possible for individuals to work remotely.

While access to the internet may be widespread, speed is an entirely different story.

The average internet speed, measured in megabits per second (Mbps), varies significantly with each country. However, the global average is 9.1 Mbps, and several countries are either above or below the average.

Three factors must be optimal for an internet speed to be considered decent. These are:

  • Download speeds
  • Upload speeds
  • Latency

This brings us to the subject matter.

Countries with the Fastest Internet in the World This 2019

According to the Worldwide broadband speed league 2019, here are the countries that enjoy the fastest internet speed.

1. Taiwan

Taiwan has the fastest internet in the world, with an average download speed of 85.02 Mbps. That’s a considerable improvement from last year’s 28.09 Mbps.

Taiwan is a state in East Asia. Some of its neighboring countries include Japan, the People’s Republic of China, and the Philippines.

2. Singapore

Singapore is an island city-state off southern Malaysia. It’s a global financial center and is considered to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Also, Singapore offers the second fastest internet in the world at 70.86 Mbps. Three major service providers in the city-state are Singtel, Starhub, and M1.

3. Jersey

Strictly speaking, Jersey is not a country. It’s a Channel Island between England and France that has its own financial, legal, and judicial system.

Jersey’s internet speed reaches 67.46 Mbps to become the third-fastest connection in the world in 2019. Recently, it rolled-out its full-fiber network to thousands of homes and businesses. Experts believe that its speed and coverage will only improve over time.

4. Sweden

With a speed of 44.18 Mbps, Sweden comes behind Jersey as the fourth fastest internet speed.

Sweden is a Scandinavian nation with over 100,000 inland lakes and 24,000 coastal islands. However, more than 50 percent of the country is covered in forest.

Of all the Nordic countries, Sweden may have the most-developed fiber network. The country also has one of the most robust broadband coverage, reaching the most rural areas.

5. Denmark

Denmark holds fifth place with an internet speed reaching 49.19 Mbps.

As impressive as the internet speed in this country is, it’s more famous for having a wide broadband coverage. More than half of the residents have access to broadband internet.

6. Japan

The average internet speed in Japan is 42.77 Mbps. Compared with last year’s 28.94 Mbps, the country has jumped by 47.7 percent to claim the sixth place.

Like most of the countries on this list, Japan also offers one of the broadest coverage. There are 117.5 million internet users in the country, with 96.2 percent household penetration.

7. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy in the world, and it has an internet connection speed of 41.69 Mbps. Yes, that’s very close to Japan’s internet connection speed.

The country is aiming to improve too. By the end of 2020, Luxembourg intends to provide coverage of 1Gbp to all its citizens.

8. Netherlands

Reports suggest that connection speed in the Netherlands reaches as much as 40.21 Mbps.

The country has many service providers that offer internet via cable, ADSL, and fiber optics. And prices vary with each provider and selected package.

However, the general rule is that the faster the connection, the higher the internet cost would be.

9. Switzerland

With an Internet speed in Switzerland of 38.85 Mbps, Switzerland has the ninth fastest connection speed.

Along with its internet speed, the country also boasts one of the fastest broadband penetration rates in Europe. Three mobile broadband providers in Switzerland are Swisscom Mobile, Sunrise, and Salt (Orange).

10. San Marino

San Marion occupies the tenth place with an average speed of 38.73 Mbps.

Unlike the other countries on this list, the European has never been known for its internet speed. Its telecom industry seems to have undergone a massive improvement in the previous year to deliver one of the fastest connections in the world to its citizens.

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