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Tips to Help You Become an Excellent Web Content Writer

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What is a Web Content Writer?

Companies and organizations employ a web content writer to produce articles and marketing materials. Hiring a content writer comes with many benefits. The most obvious is it allows company websites to have fresh content regularly. As a part of SEO strategy, businesses require new, original, and exciting content on a daily basis.

Aside from increasing sales and brand recognition, fresh content also boosts visibility. Having new content on your website creates a sense of urgency for customers. This, in turn, drives up sales and reduces the cost of advertising and marketing.

There are hundreds of millions of websites online and business sites make up a huge part of it. As you can imagine, creating content for a website can be challenging, even for the most prominent organizations. So, this is where a content writer can help.

As a content writer, you must create short or long keyword-rich articles that are specific and useful to the audience. They must offer informative value to readers. The writer also performs detailed research to ensure that the articles are relevant to the readers.

Aside from writing articles, a content writer also creates landing pages for websites. These pages serve as advertisements or marketing materials for specific products or services.

The web pages contain attractive headlines and colorful texts, which help attract traffic to the page. While creating these pages, the writer tries to make them informative and engaging to make the readers stick around for as long as possible.

Even better, well-written content ensures that customers return to the website and ultimately increases the company’s conversion rate. At the same time, the professional writers get paid for doing something they actually enjoy.

Now you’re wondering:

How do I Become a Web Content Writer?

To become a web writer, you must develop your writing skills.
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To become a web writer, the first thing to do is to develop your writing skills. Then, work on building your experience and network before finding a position that pays well. The job of a content writer has evolved a lot in the past couple of years. As a professional writer, you should be competent and skilled at creating engaging articles. However, web writers are like specialists.

Aside from being able to write a variety of topics for various organizations, content writers should also understand how search engines work. That way, they can write articles that’ll rank on Google. Before we answer your question of how to become a professional content specialist, the following are some of the tools web writers use to be efficient in their jobs:

4 Tools that Every Web Content Writer Needs

The tools that content writers use include processing programs, web writer software, research tool, and content calendars, among others. But, there are several tools for content writers to use. As you may have guessed, these programs are essential for providing quality and useful content for websites.

Here are some of the most popular tools that a web content writer needs
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Here are some of the most important ones:

1. Word Processing Program

The first tool is a word processing program for formatting the text in a way that would make it look neat and attractive. Tons of word processing programs already exist on the internet today. However, some of the most popular ones include Microsoft Word, WPS, Apache OpenOffice, etc. Note that Word Processing programs don’t have specialized features for web content development. So, you may want to consider a web writer software instead.

2. Web Writer Software

Another tool that a content specialist needs to have is a web writer software. Along with helping writers to edit and create web content on their own, some of these tools also come with specialized features.

For example, Grammarly offers an automated grammar checker feature. Likewise, content writers use the Hemingway App to check their article’s readability.

However, there are web writer applications, such as INK, that offers the best of both worlds. Along with optimizing your content for search engines, INK combines automated grammar and readability checking features for an excellent writing experience.

3. Content Calendar

A content calendar allows the content developers to keep track of the date and schedule for the articles. The purpose of a content calendar is simple. It gives your whole team visibility on what you’re working on and allows you to plan ahead. Also, keeping track of deadlines becomes easier when you’re using a content calendar. One of the most popular content calendars to consider is CoSchedule.

4. Researching Tools

A fourth tool is a researching tool for finding what’s relevant to your readers. To show up in search results, it’s essential to understand your target market and how they’re searching for your content. That’s where keyword research comes in.

It provides specific search data that can help you answer the following questions:

  • What terms are being used by people when they are searching online?
  • How many people are searching for the keyword?
  • What’s the location of the searchers?

Using this information, you can create content that’s most relevant to your audience. Some of the most popular keyword research tools are KWFinder, Ahrefs, Moz, among others.

Each of these tools helps in creating a good quality website that’ll attract many visitors and increase conversion. But, these are just tools. While they can help create an engaging article that would rank on the search engine, they won’t make you a good writer. You have to do that all by yourself.

4 Tips to Help You Become a Professional Web Content Writer

Here are some tips to help you become a professional content writer.
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1. Understand the Realities of Content Writing

The first question you should ask yourself is, how much are you willing to commit to the job?

It costs a lot of effort, time, and money to be successful in web content writing. What’s more, the pay rate of a content writer is significantly low as compared to what most jobs pay.

An average entry-level content writer with less than one year experience earns roughly $37,593 in the United States. Meanwhile, writers with over 20 years of experience earn an average of $60,318 annually.

The purpose of content writing is simple — to either inform readers or sell a product. As a result, it rarely provides an opportunity to showcase a writer’s creativity or rousing ability with words.

2. Learn the ropes

It begins with developing your writing skills.

A lot of people who begin as web writers end up having to quit because they just lack the knowledge. That’s because they don’t know how or where to acquire the necessary skills.

The first thing to note is you don’t need an English degree. Instead, you could enroll for a content writing class online, including other courses to help you master specific tools.

These include Google Analytics, as well as other image editing tools

3. Search for the right mentor

You need a person to teach you the basics of content writing and guide you on how to improve your skills and your abilities.

For proper mentorship, consider talking to anyone with extensive experience in the content writing industry. It could be a professor in your online writing program or an editor that you’re already writing for.

You could also look outside your comfort zone for mentorship. For example, you could intern at a local publication in your community to find the right mentor. Another option is to join a community of writers such as the Professional Writers Alliance.

4. Practice Content Creation

Most blog posts on the internet are either journalistic article-writing style or use an educational format. So, read these types of articles and study the form, structure, voice, and tone until you’re familiar with them.

When you’re comfortable enough, choose existing well-researched articles and rewrite them in your words. Then compare your articles with the professional version that’s online.

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