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YouTube Expands TV Screen Ad Options for Marketers

A. Aleksandravicius /

A. Aleksandravicius /

People are streaming on their TV screens now more than ever, and that’s due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

According to a Comscore report, more than 70 million households in the U.S. stream content on their TV screen. Furthermore, YouTube enjoyed more reach and viewing hours than any other supported streaming services.

The data from Comscore suggests that the platform accounts for 25 percent of all streaming watch time in the United States.

There’s more.

The tech giant reported a 250 percent increase in feature-length movie streaming in the U.S. from March 11 to April 10. Similarly, TV shows watch time increased by 300 percent and live content by 450 percent.

It’s no wonder that Google is expanding the TV screen ad format options during the current lockdown.

In a blog post announcement, Vice President, Global Video & YouTube Solutions, Debbie Weinstein, said:

“Today, we are sharing new advertiser insights and accelerating the launch of a number of tools–including Brand Lift measurement on the TV screen and more flexible formats for content casted onto the TV screen–to help advertisers navigate this rapidly changing environment.”

Here’s the breakdown of the announcement.

New TV Screen Ad Options for YouTube Marketers

Brand Lift Surveys on TV Screens

Advertisers that run Brand Lift surveys on YouTube will now have a TV placement option in the coming months.

According to Google, the surveys will be optimized for televisions with larger screens and remote controls. That way, the audience won’t need a touch input or a mouse to participate in surveys.

The tech company further pointed out that the feature will enable marketers to make informed decisions about ad performance. Also, they’ll be able to better optimize their campaigns in real-time.

Brand Lift will be available on the YouTube app in the coming weeks. However, it won’t arrive on YouTube TV until early Q3.

Skippable TV Ad Options

YouTube’s skippable ad format will also become available on TV screens this year.

Skippable advertisements appear before, during, or after streaming a video on YouTube. They only run for five seconds, before offering users the option to skip.

This form of ad favors advertisers because they only have to pay if the user either watches the whole video or 30 seconds of it.

By accelerating new tools and features, we’re committed to helping you grow your business in the changing world of viewership and streaming on TV screens,” Weinstein concluded.

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