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7 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies that Won't Break the Bank

Image by Billion Photos | Shutterstock

Image by Billion Photos | Shutterstock

Not every business is going to have a gold mine dedicated to their marketing budget. In reality, the majority won’t, especially new companies and start-ups.

For this reason, you may be looking for cost-effective strategies for content marketing. Call off the search party! These low-cost marketing strategies cost little to nothing but will have a huge payoff.

7 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies that Won’t Break the Bank

1. Create Infographics

Infographics let viewers consume a considerable amount of information in a short amount of time.

With limited attention spans and full schedules, most viewers find visuals easier to understand and more appealing. For this reason, creating useful infographics to support evergreen content can generate a long stream of backlinks. They will use your infographic with a credit and link to your site.

Backlinks are precious to every business as they ultimately boost your rankings and increase traffic. This is because not every business will have the means, time, or know-how to create infographics.

To make the most of this digital marketing hack, all you need to invest is a little time and creativity. Just make sure your infographic answers a typical query with up to date accurate information.

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2. Create More High-Quality and Long-Form Content

Our next low-cost marketing strategy is based on the fact that Google favors long-form content. Creating high-quality content that offers something of value to your audience is a sure way to bring in traffic.

Think about how you can produce evergreen resources that cater to your audience’s needs.

At Edgylabs, we only post content that we would find helpful or enjoyable to read.

Take this Fallout 5 article written by our in-house expert Juliet Childers. It was carefully compiled and implemented proper keyword research.

The result? It now ranks for more than 1000 keywords and brings in over 25k pageviews, with over 70% being organic page views.

Take a look at it for yourself to see how you can easily do the same.

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3. Repurpose Old Blog Posts

Have you put out content that hasn’t brought in the results you’d hoped? Don’t fret; see this as a learning experience.

Take a look at old content that isn’t paying off and consider how you could reuse it. A breath of new life could revive your work.

You can repurpose old content by:

  • Transforming a blog post into a podcast, or vice versa
  • Enhancing it by creating a video to go with it
  • Making it into an infographic
  • Using the information and research in a webinar or live stream demonstration

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4. Create a Referral System

Another low-cost marketing strategy that you may not have considered is referral marketing. This means making the most of your customer loyalty and experience to generate word-of-mouth promotion and publicity.

You can avoid being a company that pours millions into paid marketing campaigns that often fail. There’s nothing more powerful than a recommendation from a friend.

Referral programs have the potential to increase your audience base, raise brand awareness, and, of course, boost product sales.

Here’s a useful resource that outlines how to implement this low-cost marketing strategy:

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5. Produce Amazing Videos

These days, videos are the most sought-after content out there. You only need to scroll down your news feed to see that social media algorithms currently favor video over text.

Including a video on any landing page can increase conversion by 80%. Your company cannot afford to miss out on the extra traffic video could bring to your site.

You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is to produce videos. Cost-effective ways to create videos could range from an interview with an expert to an original animation.

Your smartphone probably has a high-quality camera that you can use, and there is so much free editing software available online.

Consider using other creative tools like RendrFX for your low-cost marketing strategy. It’s free and easy to use, so there’s no excuse not to give it a try.

Another useful tool for creating videos on a budget is Powtoon. This is an excellent resource for creating animations. It gives you ready-made templates that you can customize in minutes.

You can also find free stock videos that you can use to enhance your home-made footage.

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6. Start a Live Video Series

People love videos. They’re engaging, entertaining, and take little to no effort to sit back and watch. One of the great low-cost marketing strategies is to create a live video series to promote your brand and products. A talk show or Q&A session are two effective ways to do this.

A consistent series that your customers can look forward to will build anticipation and let you engage with your audience.

You can put a face to your brand and establish yourself as a reliable source of information. Plus, you can direct customers to your website or your latest post during these live sessions.

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7. Strike a Promotion Partnership Deal

Businesses that share the same client base as you are not necessarily your competitors. This opens up one of the most valuable low-cost marketing strategies.

A little bit of research will help you find businesses that offer products or services that could complement yours. Chances are, they will have customers that may not know about your brand but will probably be interested.

Reach out to complementary businesses in your niche and propose a promotional partnership.

A co-marketing campaign is a win-win situation. By the end, you will both have gained new customers.

Wrapping it up

Marketing can seem like a costly feat, but with these low-cost marketing strategies, it doesn’t have to be!

Marketing is more than just advertising and sales. It means building a loyal customer base and brand reputation. For effective marketing, you need to think long term.

That doesn’t mean your marketing campaign is going to break the bank. You need to think outside the box and use tactics that bring information about your brand to your target audience.

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