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Bing Rolls out Updates to Improve Key Search Features

Casimiro PT /

Casimiro PT /

Bing has made considerable progress on Natural Language Generation in the last year.

For example, the search engine company has announced training its own Turing Natural Language Generation (T-NLG) model. There’s also the introduction of OpenAI‘s GPT-3 trained with Microsoft Azure.

Now, Bing has combined these advancements to improve critical features in its search engine.

It now promises an improved autosuggest prediction and semantic highlighting in search snippets. Also, Bing’s intelligent answers are now available in more regions and languages.

Here’s how these updates will enhance the search experience on Bing.

Four Updates to Improve Essential Search Features on Bing

1. Better Autosuggest Predictions

Before now, Bing’s autosuggest feature could only complete the current word that a user is typing. The prediction didn’t extend to a full query. But that’s no longer the case.

With the new update, Bing integrates a recent technology called Next Phrase Prediction into its autosuggest feature. As such, the search engine can now provide full phrase suggestions in real-time for long queries.

Since Bing is generating the phrase suggestion in real-time, autosuggest results are no longer limited to previous searches.

2. Semantic Highlighting in Search Snippets

Bing has introduced a new semantic highlighting feature to improve its search snippets.

As the name implies, the feature allows the search engine to highlight words in search snippets based on semantics. That way, users can quickly find information without having to read an entire snippet.

Previously, Bing could only match the exact keywords that a user typed into the query box.

3. Expanding Intelligent Answers

Bing’s Intelligent Answers feature is like Google’s Quick Answers. But, while Google pulls in its answer from a single source, Bing’s answers only appear when multiple sources back up the same answer.

Before now, the Intelligent answers feature was only available in 13 markets. Now, Bing has expanded it to over 200 regions and 100 languages.

4. More Questions in “People Also Ask”

Bing has updated its People Also Ask (PAA) block to show more queries.

The search engine now uses a generative model on billions of pages to create more question-answer pairs. So, when a page appears on SERP later, Bing can populate the PAA block using a previously generated pair.

The updates ensure that searchers explore the search results by asking more questions, instead of scrolling through pages.

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