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Google Ads Expands Optimization Score to Include Display Campaigns

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In a recent announcement, Google says that it’s expanding the Google Ads’ optimization score to include display campaigns.

Optimization score is an estimate that predicts how well your Google Ads account will perform. It runs from 0 percent to 100 percent, which means your account will perform at its fullest potential at 100 percent.

Along with the score, Google Ads account comes with a list of recommendations to help users prioritize their actions. That way, they could enjoy improved performance.

According to Google, advertisers that increased their account-level score by 10 points got an average of 10 percent increase in conversion.

So, it makes sense that the search engine company is working on expanding the score. The August expansion focused on helping users prioritize recommendations for Shopping campaigns.

Now, Google is expanding the optimization score on Google Ads again. This time, they included Display campaigns.

In a blog post, product manager at Google Ads, Ryan Beauchamp said:

“Starting today, optimization score will now include Display campaigns as well-meaning that you can see and act on optimization score for Search, Shopping, and Display.”

How Google Ads’ Optimization Score in Display Campaign Works

The optimization score works the same way across Search, Shopping, and Display campaigns. That means users will now see a score that ranges from 0 percent to 100 percent for Display.

While the three campaigns – Search, Shopping, and Display – have separate scores, they share a combined score at the account level. Also, Google introduced recommendations that are specific to Display.

For example, users can now create Smart Display campaigns, use target expansion, and add responsive display ads. Expectedly, applying or dismissing the recommendation scores changes the optimization scores.

Last month, Google Ads introduced new features to enable advertisers to track their campaigns. While the including display to optimizations score may not be a huge update, it shows the company’s commitment to delivering a great user experience on its platform.

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