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Google Launches new AdSense Reporting Page for Publishers

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Google has announced that it’s launching a new AdSense reporting page for publishers.

Google designed the Reports page in Adsense to give publishers insights into their account performance. The page consists of charts and tables, which provide an overview of trends and vital metrics.

Besides, publishers can also create, save, and schedule custom reports. That way, it becomes easy to track how specific metrics are performing and may have changed over time.

Now, Google is making the AdSense Reports page even more useful.

On Tuesday, the search and advertising giant announced a new Adsense reporting page that’s simpler to use. Along with providing quick access to data, the new page also offers a better mobile device experience.

The support page for Google AdSense reads:

“To make it easier and faster for you to get insights into your account performance, we’re launching a new, improved Reports page in AdSense.”

There’s more.

About the new Google AdSense Reporting Page

Reports: Get insights into your ad performance / AdSense Help page

According to Google, the new reports page will be rolling out in phases. As a result, it could take as much as two weeks before it appears in all the platform users’ accounts.

Updating your account will automatically opt you into the new reporting experience. However, publishers also can switch to the old reporting page before Google retires it later in the year.

The new reporting page is easier to use, with a redesigned interface and a new metrics picker. It also comes with an information icon in the interface to provide more in-product help.

With that said, Google has introduced some limitations to the page. For one, the reporting data for all AdSense product is now limited to the last three years.

The search giant also removed all YouTube and AdMob reporting data. These limitations will make reports more accurate, Google said.

However, it also means that publishers who want to download data that’s more than three years old have until the end of 2020.

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