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Google To Integrate Package Tracking Into Search Results

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In a recent blog post, Google announced that it would be bringing package tracking into search results.

Before now, users who want to check the status of their package must log into the carrier website to access the information. In some cases, people may look to the search engine for this information.

To make package tracking information readily available to users, Google is integrating it into search results. That means you’ll be able to enter a tracking number into the query box to view your order status.

In a blog post, product manager at Google, Allen Harveysaid:

“To make it easier to find, we have created a new package tracking feature that enables shipping companies to show people the status of their packages right on Search.”

Simply put, users no longer have to visit shipping sites to access their package status. Yes, the feature is a lot like Google’s featured snippets.

This raises a significant concern:

Could the Package Tracking Feature Take Traffic Away From Carrier Websites?

The obvious answer here is yes!

The shipping website would have to give up a significant amount of traffic to enable customers to access their package status on the SERP. However, inclusion in the tracking program is entirely voluntary.

In other words, shipping companies have to sign up to enable Google to display their tracking information.

At the moment, shipping companies must sign up for the Early Adopters Program to participate in the feature and provide feedback. It’s available in all languages and countries where Google Search is available.

To be eligible for the package tracking early adopters program, you must meet be a package delivery company. Also, you must provide a RESTful JSON or XML API to enable Google to retrieve tracking information.

To join the Early Adopters Program, fill out the interest form.

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