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How Google Will Index and Score Sites With Multi-Platforms

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Back in May, Google announced that Page Experience would become a ranking factor in the coming year.

As such, it’s essential to know the exact version of a site that the search giant will use for indexing and score user experience on a site. Is Google using the desktop, mobile, or AMP version of a website?

Google’s John Mueller answered this question in a recent hangout. The webmaster trend analyst went into detail about how the search engine will index and score sites with all three platforms.

Here’s a breakdown of what Mueller said.

Google to use Mobile Version for Indexing Purpose

First, Muller stated that the mobile version of a site is preferred for indexing.

If a site has both a mobile and AMP version, the search engine bots will not use the AMP version of a website. Instead, Google will score and index the mobile version.

With regards to AMP and mobile and desktop, we treat AMP pages as being alternates by default,” says Mueller. “So, we wouldn’t use the AMP pages for indexing.”

When Google will Index AMP Page

Although Google prefers the mobile version of a site for indexing, it’ll use the AMP version when the mobile isn’t available.

According to Mueller, some site owners can set up their website such that the AMP page is the mobile page. That way, there’s just a desktop version and the AMP version of the site.

In a case like that, we would see the AMP page as a normal mobile page, and we’ll just index that normally,” he said.

How Google will Score Page Experience

Finally, Mueller explained that Google would use the AMP Version of sites for scoring Core Web Vitals. These involve testing the speed, stability, and usability of a web page.

In other words, Google will not be using the mobile version of a site for scoring Page Experience.

Mueller concluded:

“So that’s something where in this situation with mobile-first indexing, we would index the mobile version. We would use the AMP version with regards to testing usability and speed. And we would show the desktop version in the search results as an alternate URL when people on the desktop are searching.”


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