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Microsoft Will no Longer Impose Bing Search on Chrome and Firefox

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Microsoft has hit pause on changing the default search engine in Chrome and Firefox to Bing search.

Back in January 2020, Microsoft announced that it would make Bing Search extension available through its Office 365 ProPlus software. Now, here’s the problem.

As part of the update, the extension would forcibly change company-wide Chrome, and Firefox search engine defaults to Bing.

In a predatory move, the extension would go through the network and local device file systems to identify independent browsers. It would then edit the configuration files of the mentioned browsers outside its software system.

The announcement reads:

“The first time your users open Google Chrome after the extension for Microsoft Search in Bing is installed, they will have an option to change back their search preferences by taking a few simple steps.”

Sounds a lot like malware, right?

Tons of users thought so too. Expectedly, the announcement came with tons of backlash.

Update to Bing Search through Office 365 ProPlus

In response to users’ feedback, Microsoft announced a half-hearted reversal last week. The company is now making it optional.

In other words, the extension will not automatically change the default search engine for Chrome and Firefox to Bing. Instead, administrators now have to opt-in for the change to occur.

Microsoft wrote in its latest announcement:

“The Microsoft Search in Bing browser extension will not be automatically deployed with Office 365 ProPlus. Through a new toggle in the Microsoft 365 admin center, administrators will be able to opt in to deploy the browser extension to their organization through Office 365 ProPlus.”

Also, only Active Directory joined device will be able to perform this action for now.

Microsoft’s search engine has the second-largest worldwide market share, behind Google. By leveraging its Office 365 install base, the company had hoped to increase its Bing’s share a little.

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