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After days of anticipation, Google has finally launched its COVID-19 information site. The company also included a new search experience for Coronavirus queries.

Since January, search interest in Coronavirus and COVID-19 has continued to increase around the globe. As the outbreak quickly evolved into a pandemic, so has information needs continued to change.

Currently, the interest in the disease has surpassed some of the most common and consistent queries in Search. And according to a recent report, Coronavirus might be the biggest trend in Search’s history.

Expectedly, the search engine giant has been working to provide a reliable source of information.

First, Google launched an SOS alert, which includes the latest news, resources, and safety information from the WHO. The alert is currently available in 25 languages and across over 50 countries.

In addition to the SOS alert, the tech company announced a Coronavirus site to connect people with information and resources. Now, Google has made good on its promise.

In a blog post announcement, Product Management Director, Search, Emily Moxley said:

“We’ve worked with relevant agencies and authorities to roll out a website—available at—focused on education, prevention, and local resources.”

The website will provide convenient access to state-based information, safety tips, and search trends related to COVID-19.

But that’s not all.

New Search Experience For Coronavirus Queries

Along with the COVID-19 info site, Google also announced a new search experience for Coronavirus queries.

Search will now feature authoritative information from health authorities, including new data and information. Thanks to the new format, searchers can easily navigate information and resources on the SERP.

These include carousels from links from reliable health sources and carousels of verified health authorities’ Twitter accounts. Search will also feature posts from the accounts of local civic organizations.

A new feature also provides answers to the most common queries about the current pandemic. According to Google, these relevant snippets are sourced from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and WHO.

Finally, the search experience includes modules with statistics and a map showing COVID-19 prevalence across the globe. That way, searchers can remain up-to-date about the spread of the disease.

Thanks to this format, not only will searchers quickly find information, but Google can also update the page as more data becomes available.

Google intends to roll out the new search experience in English in the United States in the coming days. Afterward, it’ll extend the feature to other countries as well as in other languages.

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