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New Apple iPhone 11 Pro Design Triggers Trypophobia

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Hadrian /

Apple‘s new three-camera iPhone 11 Pro design appears to terrify people who have a fear of small hole, a condition known as trypophobia.

A couple of days ago, Apple unveiled its new iPhone models to the delight of tech enthusiasts. There was the dual camera lens iPhone 11 and the triple camera lens iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple’s new design places emphasis on the camera lens with the hope of enticing customers with the devices’ improved photography features. As usual, the new iPhones have sparked several online talks.

While some focused on the new phones’ specifications and design, others weighed in on the pricing. But for a few, the new iPhone 11 Pro’s three-camera arrangement trigger feelings of disgust, nausea, or irrational fear – all symptoms of trypophobia.

What is Trypophobia?

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It’s an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns, bumps, or small holes. Trypophobes often experience symptoms such as disgust or an irrational fear when they see this type of cluster.

Examples of objects that can trigger such a response include seed pods, bubbles, insect eyes, or more recently, the new iPhone 11 Pro’s camera lenses.

Although the prevalence is unknown, studies suggest that trypophobia is quite common. According to a 2013 study in the journal of Psychological Science, 16 percent of the participants experienced a feeling of discomfort or disgust when looking at the image of a lotus seed pod.

So, what’s responsible for this irrational fear?

According to a few studies, the biological disgust that comes with trypophobia may be evolutionary. It’s a fear that could arise from the danger of diseases.

In a statement to CNN, a visual scientist at the University of Essex, Geoff Cole said:

“The phobia arises in part because the inducing stimuli share basic visual characteristics with those of dangerous organisms.”

Like other phobias, exposure therapy is a proposed treatment for trypophobia. The person is gradually exposed to the anxiety source until they overcome their fear.

The several images of iPhone 11 Pro’s lens arrangement making rounds on the internet may be what trypophobes need to overcome their fear.

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